Lindt Petits Desserts Sorbetto

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During my last shopping trip, it was hard not to notice Lindt’s new Petits Desserts Sorbetto chocolates on the shelf because of the really unique packaging they’ve been given – an oversized cardboard ice cream cone that declares in no uncertain terms that they should be served chilled. That’s the twist with these chocolates – Lindt recommend that you put them into the fridge for at least two hours before eating them, assumingly to try and make them more sorbet-like.

But does it work? Well, kinda. The chocolate shell does become nice and crispy, like the cone on the box, and the filling gets colder although without taking on the texture of sorbet which is what I was expecting. So I did what anybody else would do in my position – I put the remaining chocolates into the freezer for a few hours to really turn them into sorbet. It didn’t quite freeze them solid, but it definitely helped to thicken them up to a more satisfying level.

The chocolates themselves aren’t too bad at all. Lindt don’t share just how dark the shells are, but I wouldn’t put it at much about 50%. Plus the shell is thin enough that it really doesn’t get in the way of the filling which is given star billing. The strawberry was the most muted of the flavours – not very fruity at all and not very exciting. The orange was a step in the right direction though, giving a big burst of citrus but the pick of the bunch was the lemon because it actually tastes like a really good lemon sorbet – really lemony and with enough flavour to cut right through the chocolate.

The downside? They are quite expensive considering that there are only a dozen little chocolates in the box. And their suggestion to shove them in the fridge isn’t worth the price of admission – I like putting Kit Kats in the freezer too, but that doesn’t mean I’d pay double for a special Subzero edition. So I wouldn’t necessarily search high and low to find Lindt’s Sorbetto, but I’d quite happily eat another box if they magically appeared in my freezer.


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  1. Doesn’t sound like they’re a “must try” and a bit more planning is involved than most people want in a quick snack.

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