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Considering the popularity of energy drinks, it was just a matter of time before people started caffeinated chocolate. So when I heard there was a company in Toronto making such a thing, I had to get in touch to see how it all worked out. Enter Awake Caffeinated Chocolate.

The whole point of Awake is the caffeine and it really doesn’t scrimp in that capacity. There’s 101mg of caffeine in each bar which is slightly more than a small can of Red Bull or a cup of coffee, so that’s enough to give a decent jolt especially since it is squeezed into a 44g bar. So it lives up to its name.

The bar is rather cute, with the owl from the wrapper showing up again on the chocolate plus it also has a not-quite-rectangular shape too which stops it from being just another bar of chocolate. Mine were a little worse for wear because of warm temperatures which melted the bars a little, but they still looked nice and glossy.

And as for the chocolate – it is much better than it needs to be. It isn’t the smoothest milk chocolate around, but it is nice and creamy with the right amount of sweetness. Nobody is ever going to mistake it for a bar of Valrhona, but it isn’t close to being unpleasant. There is, however, a slight bitter aftertaste which probably comes from the caffeine, and a few little crunchy crystals in the chocolate which I suspect comes from the same source. Not a deal breaker, but still not the best – maybe some kind of flavour like orange or mint could take care of that.

Does it work? It appears to. I ate a bar and I felt less sleepy than I did before so for those who don’t drink coffee (like myself) or avoid energy drinks, this is a good alternative. It costs about double what a standard bar of chocolate does, so there is a premium to pay for the caffeine but it is probably worth it for those needing some extra productive hours.


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