Rogers Canadian Art Collection

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Please welcome Chocablog’s new Canadian correspondent Michael Edwards with his first official post from Canadaland….

Rogers Canadian Art Collection

Considering that Rogers Chocolates have been making chocolates for more than 100 years, they have a considerable roster to choose from. Most of their standard collections of chocolates are housed in tins featuring paintings by Canadian artists such as the one I was sent which was a Seascape by Emily Carr. So what about the 15 chocolates within? Well, the highlights were:

Raspberry Classic Truffle – surprisingly restrained for a raspberry truffle. Instead of giving a big punch of flavour, the fruit never manages to be anything but an almost equal partner to the dark chocolate. A little disappointing.

Winter Apple Caramel – another one which walks the line between too sweet and just sweet enough, but comes out on the right side. The caramel stays with you for a few minutes afterwards and that’s a good thing.

Maple Classic Truffle – thankfully, not too sweet but the truffle centre is too runny and caramel-like. Very nearly there.

Rogers Canadian Art Collection

Orange Classic Truffle – the centre of this was strangely more like their Victoria Creams than a truffle. It is still nice and orangey, just not what it advertised.

Chocolate Classic Truffle – now this is more like it. Nice smooth, rich centre with just the right amount of sweetness.

Milk & Dark Butter Caramel – a thick chocolate shell with a lovely rich caramel inside. It could just use a touch more salt to draw out that last little bit of flavour, especially in the milk chocolate version.

Mystere Dark Chocolate Bar – this is Rogers’ 72% dark chocolate and it is yummy stuff. There’s some nice coffee and burnt notes that come in toward the end. They also make full bars of this stuff – I want some…

The tin also had some mini Victoria Creams, Rogers’ most famous creation. Having these in a smaller version helps to offset their sweetness quite nicely, even if they aren’t nearly as impressive as their bigger cousins.

All in all, a decent box of old-fashioned style chocolates that doesn’t offer anything out of the ordinary. But thanks to a combination of the very pretty tins and the “safe” flavours, this would appeal to the more conservative chocolate lover. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


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  1. Callum

    Sounds like the flavours are quite reserved, alot of truffles though.
    Cool reveiw, thanks!

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