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Zotter Chocolate Christmas 2020 Selection

Christmas themed treats from Zotter Chocolate

Zotter Balsamic Orange

Part of Zotter's Hand Scooped range.

Zotter Chocolate Praline Selection

A selection of filled chocolates from Austria

Mitzi Blue Marrakesh

Milk chocolate with cardamom and rose petals.

Zotter Monte Limar

Bean-to-bar chocolate with a nougat filling.

Zotter Easter Fire

Advocaat and chilli wrapped in bean to bar milk chocolate.

Zotter A Piece Of Forest

Another weird and wonderful bar from Zotter.

Zotter Labooko Soy Chocolate

Two Zotter bars made with soy instead of milk.

Zotter Christmas Crackling

Christmas flavours wrapped in Zotter chocolate.

Zotter Scotch Whisky

Whisky and chocolate combined. What's not to love?

Zotter Labooko India & Congo 65%

Two 65% bars made with ethically sourced beans from Congo and India.

Zotter Peanuts & Ketchup

Another bar from the weird world of Zotter. Who says ketchup and chocolate don't mix?

Zotter Plum Brandy

One of the more down to Earth flavour combinations from Austrian chocolate maker Zotter.

Zotter Labooko Ecuador 60% & Nicaragua 50%

High cocoa-content single origin milk chocolates from Zotter

Zotter Pink Grapefruit

If there was going to be a successful blending of grapefruit and chocolate in a commercially produced chocolate bar, it was going to be someone like Josef Zotter who was going to do it...

Zotter Coffee Plum With Caramelised Bacon

Well would you look at that. Another slightly mad chocolate bar from Zotter. Who would ever have thought. Oh, and more bacon too. Because it’s just not real chocolate if it doesn’t contain bacon. The official description of this bar …

Zotter Lemon Polenta

I brought this bar along as a little treat while I work in the Middle East. It’s (currently) the last Zotter bar in my possession, and as we’ve come to expect the flavour combination is, shall we say, a little …

Zotter Choco Shot Whiskynol

We always knew Zotter were a bit bonkers, but this is pushing things just a little. As you can see, it’s a syringe full of a chocolatey liquid. It comes in packaging designed to look exactly like a real medicine, …

Mitzi Blue Sternenmilch

Time for another of Josef Zotter’s offshoot ‘Mitzi Blue‘ products (I was going to say ‘bars’ but that would be wrong – this is a disc). This time we have the slightly scary sounding ‘Sternenmilch’ (UK consumers have the friendlier …

Zotter Schönberger Red

Something else from our favourite Austrian chocolate maker, and this time it’s a boozy little bar containing Schönberger red wine. In keeping with Zotter’s organic / fair trade ingredients policy, the red wine is also organic. There are also a …

Mitzi Blue ML

Although I didn’t realise it at the time of purchase, Mitzi Blue is an offshoot of the slightly eccentric Zotter brand. A quick look at the web site reveals that there are a couple of dozen Mitzi Blue products available …

Zotter Golden Cherries of Uzbekistan

This is the second of the handful of Zotter bars I picked up in Vienna, and possibly the most unusual in terms of title/flavour. A little research reveals that Uzbekistan is something of a fruit producing country, and the Golden …

Zotter Butter Caramel

One of the peculiar things about working for Chocablog is that I rarely have any idea what any of the other writers are up to until I read their reviews. Dom and I will occasionally consult as to what we …

Sachertorte from the Sacher Café, Vienna

It’s a lovely sunny July evening here in Vienna, and about an hour or go I sat down at the Sacher Café for a taste of the Original Sachertorte. Conceived by the owner of the hotel (oddly enough) Sachertorte is …

Zotter Labooko Blumenstrauß

“Blumenstrauß”, for those of you who don’t speak German means “Bouquet”, which might give you a good idea of the flavouring in this Zotter creation. As with the Raspberry and Coconut offering, there are two different bars in one fold-out …

Zotter Drinking Chocolate

Something a little different from Zotter (although since when is anything Zotter have done not a little different). This time though, we have drinking chocolate. The drinking chocolates take the form of five differently flavoured bars (Bourbon Vanilla, Bitter Classic, …

Zotter Olives With Lemon

It’s time for something weird and wonderful from Zotter – that slightly mad Austrian bean-to-bar chocolate maker. This time we have a 60% dark chocolate with an olive and lemon filling – something which sounds positively tame by normal Zotter …

Zotter Labooko Duo Raspberry & Coconut

This little pack from Zotter contains two 35g bars of something akin to white chocolate. I say ‘akin to white chocolate’, because rather than simply being flavoured, these bars have had most of the milk powder that normally goes into …

Zotter Cheese, Walnuts & Raisins

Cheese may be a slightly odd thing to put into a bar of chocolate, but it’s not quite as odd as bacon. And besides, some of us eat cheesecakes every day, so it can’t be that bad, right? Still, Austrian …

Zotter Bacon Bits

On a cold and rainy spring afternoon, I ventured into town and into the depths of John Lewis’s food hall to meet the man from Zotter and sample his wares. That’s him in the picture. And the man with the …

Maître Truffout Coffee Truffles

Sometimes the nicest chocolate surprises land on your plate completely by accident. I was visiting a friend when she pulled out a box of these to have with our tea. Apaprently they were given to her by her grandmother and …

EZA Mascao Cappuccino

Here we are again, the great Coffee/Chocolate debate rears its ugly head once again. An often used but seldom-perfected combination, coffee and chocolate seems to be one of the really tough flavour pairings. Bought in Vienna, this bar has excellent …

EZA Compañera Cashew & Raisin Fairtrade

EZA Fairer Handel GmbH (to give them their full title) “is a fair trade organization dealing with marginalized producer groups from developing countries. It was founded in 1975 and since then it has been by far the most important fair …

Milka Alpine Cream

Creamy milk chocolate with a creamy filling.

Casali Schoko-Banane XL

That’s chocolate bananas to you! This was a bit of a strange thing to find in my local sweet shop. Nestled (or should that be Nestléd) among the Aeros and Mars Bars was this single entry into the “foreign language” …

Manner Idelfonso Nougat Chocolate

It’s funny how these days part of any trip away always involves a quick hunt around for new and unusual chocolate to bring to the attention of Chocablog readers. Well, the other day I was in Vienna and I happened …

Lindt Lime and Green Pepper Mousse

I found this in an Austrian service station while driving from Brno in the Czech Republic to Ljubljana in Slovenia. No, really. Physically, this bar falls into the same category and the Cherry/Chilli bar I reviewed some time ago. What …

Lindt ‘Chocolat Provence’ Orange & Thyme Fantasy

It wouldn’t be Europe if I couldn’t find another ‘previously unknown’ Lindt bar or two. This is one of a brace I bagged in Vienna, and as you can see from the packaging, Lindt have decided to go all rustic …

Choco-Lina Sheep’s Milk Chocolate with Hemp Seed

This is another first for yours truly – a chocolate made with sheep’s milk and containing 10% hemp seed. ChocoLina is an Austrian company offering chocolates made from sheep and goat milk, the goat’s milk products seemingly branded ChocoLisa. The …
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