Maître Truffout Coffee Truffles

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Maître Truffout Coffee Truffles

Sometimes the nicest chocolate surprises land on your plate completely by accident. I was visiting a friend when she pulled out a box of these to have with our tea. Apaprently they were given to her by her grandmother and she’s not that big on chocolate. Go figure.

I’d never heard of Maître Truffout and I must admit that I wasn’t immediately taken by the packaging. It looked a bit like supermarket chocolates trying to appear posh. Definitely grandmother chocolate material.

But when I bit into one of the truffles I was instantly happy. The dark chocolate was the perfect combination of bitter and sweet- very chocolatey, but not overly sweet either. The coffee flavour gave it a zingy overtone, which was rather enjoyable and warming. For the purists, this chocolate might be slightly too sweet, but I enjoy a hefty dose of sweetness in my chocolate. In this particular incident there was no sickly aftertaste even after I made grandma proud and ate several people’s share of chocolate.

Maître Truffout Coffee Truffles

The texture was rich and creamy, but pretty solid with it. There is no discenrable distinction between the chocolate and the filling – it’s all just one substance, lightly dusted with what seems to be cocoa powder.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by these. They’re definitely not posh chocolates, but they are unassumingly yummy and perfect for having round the house for when people come over. If anything, they are posh chocolates masquerading as supermarket chocolates, rather than the other way around.


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  1. Christine

    I’m fairly certain that this is the same box I kept picking up and putting down at a chocolate shop a couple of weeks back. I just couldn’t make up my mind and I didn’t end up buying them. I wish I did now, they sound quite nice.

  2. Shimrit (Chocablog Staff)

    I never would have bought them myself, but now that I’ve had them, I definitely will!

  3. Sharon

    Actually it is precisely supermarket chocholates masquerading as posh! What a disappointment! Taste like Margarine! And I believe I have finally found “ready Truffles” …

  4. Sharon

    *believed that is .. for a short while…till I opned the box!

  5. Chichi

    I haven’t had these Maitre Truffout truffles, but I did buy the Maitre Truffout Belgian chocolates recently. They were a dead ringer for the Guylian Belgian chocolates that I haven’t seen in stores in YEARS, so out of desperation I eagerly picked up a box. Honestly, even Hershey’s chocolates taste better than the Maitre Truffout chocolates that I bought. It hardly even tasted like chocolate! It was just a sugary sweet…substance. I saw these truffles you reviewed on the shelf at the grocery and I might give them a try… I’m hesitant though after my last bad experience.

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