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We always knew Zotter were a bit bonkers, but this is pushing things just a little.

As you can see, it’s a syringe full of a chocolatey liquid. It comes in packaging designed to look exactly like a real medicine, but thankfully stops short of including a needle. Even Herr Zotter wouldn’t go that far… would he?

According to Zotter’s Austrian web site, they make seven varieties of Choco Shot at €2.50 each, and as you may have guessed from the name, this one contains Whisky. Not just a “hinty” of Whisky, but 27% Whisky. It also contains cream, and of course cocoa mass and cocoa butter. This really is a “shot” in a syringe.

Rather than squirt it into my mouth in one go, I decided to go for the safe option and try a bit on a spoon. I’m quite glad I did, because it’s really quite strong. As you can see it’s also thick, with the texture of cream rather than being completely liquid.

Whisky is certainly the dominant flavour here, but the chocolate comes through quite well after the initial alcoholic hit. But as you might guess, this isn’t really about sophisticated flavours. It’s a novelty. I certainly wouldn’t buy this for myself and consume it on the bus, but I might give it as a fun gift. It’s certainly more imaginative and better quality than some of the “Emergency Chocolate” you can buy.

As far as I’m aware, these aren’t available in the UK yet, but you can find them on Zotter’s Austrian site, and they deliver worldwide.


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  1. Still, after getting FOUR fillings at the dentist yesterday (yes, all largely deserved), if she’d offered me a shot of seven of THIS stuff I’d have gladly accepted it 🙂

  2. Nice Rewiew But The thing Is its Not With water! So thats Why I dont no How it tastes

  3. This would make a great unusual gift.

  4. that is incredible love it! by the way I love to see fellow chocolate bloggers, chocolate rules the world! (well woman rule the world and chocolate controls woman)

  5. as like;
    alcohol for alcoholic
    chocolate for chocoholic

    great post

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