Choco-Lina Sheep’s Milk Chocolate with Hemp Seed

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Choco-Lina Sheep’s Milk Chocolate with Hemp SeedThis is another first for yours truly – a chocolate made with sheep’s milk and containing 10% hemp seed.

ChocoLina is an Austrian company offering chocolates made from sheep and goat milk, the goat’s milk products seemingly branded ChocoLisa.

The bar contains only 100% sheep’s milk , raw cane sugar, cocoa beans (36%) and Bourbon vanilla. It contains no soy lecithin or other emulsifiers, and is guaranteed GMO and artificial ingredient free. The company’s website, while a little patchy in the English version, does extol the virtues of non-dairy products, and presents a lot of evidence to suggest that the alternatives it offers are much healthier than chocolate containing cow’s milk.

The crucial point is, of course, does the stuff actually taste any good?

Choco-Lina Sheep’s Milk Chocolate with Hemp SeedAs you can see from the photo, it certainly looks like chocolate. It smells like chocolate, and has a lovely hemp seed aroma (and cute little lambs stamped into the bar). It’s also not cheap – this bar was €4.50 – so as with most ‘healthier’ niche products, the consumer pays a premium.

So what does it taste like, I hear you cry?

Well, it’s actually rather sweet (total carbs 42.6 %, of which 37.9% is sugar) with a very smooth consistency. The fact that it’s made with sheep’s milk gives it a slightly more ‘yoghurty’ flavour than a dairy chocolate and the hemp seed adds a nutty element. Different, but not so different that it would deter me from trying more of their products.

The website hints at darker bars but this was the only sheep’s milk bar I was able to find.

As a milk chocolate bar, it is quite palatable, but I would be interested to see how sheep’s milk would pair up with a higher cocoa content. As for goat’s milk chocolate, well, I’d be intrigued to see how they manage to get it to taste chocolatey!


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  1. My heart nearly jumped out of my mouth when I saw the title of this! I was sure you’d just reviewed the same bar I have and am ready to review in the next week or two. Turns out mine is very similar, but instead of being the Hemp Seed bar, I have the Grape and Poppyseed bar.

    Now where are my blood pressure pills…?

  2. cm

    When I was growing up in Ontario before we moved to BC, my father always bought us chocolate goats milk bars. I cannot remember who made it and it appears they have not for a while, but in comparison to every other chocolate bar out there,,it was truly my favourite. I begged for one each time I was in the stores. It is sad not to find them anymore.

  3. The milk we get from our Nigerian Dwarf Goats is fresh, sweet & has very high butterfat. It is awesome for making soft cheeses and for baking into Quiche, pudding, waffles, and anything asking for milk. Off-tasting goat milk is usually caused by the way it is handled. All equipment must be sterile and milk needs to be chilled immediately. Pasteurizing, homogenizing & other treatments will change the taste & quality of the milk. I would love to try making chocolate bars… what a cool idea!

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