Casali Schoko-Banane XL

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That’s chocolate bananas to you!

This was a bit of a strange thing to find in my local sweet shop. Nestled (or should that be Nestléd) among the Aeros and Mars Bars was this single entry into the “foreign language” chocolate category. In fact, not only does this rather curious bar proudly proclaim “Made In Austria” on the back, but it’s also made by Manner who make the Idelfonso Nougat Choclate that Simon reviewed recently.

It just goes to prove my theory that you don’t need a jet setting lifestyle in order to find exotic chocolate. Wait long enough and the chocolate will come to you. Although in this particular case, my chocolate seems to have had a slightly tougher journey than Simon’s nougat…

I’m fairly sure that when it left Austria, the chocolate was completely intact, just like the picture on the wrapper. But aside from the crazy paving effect, the bar was in good condition, and it looks like the thick, sticky filling managed to hold all the chunks of chocolate in place.

And that chocolate is rather good. It’s a proper, 50% chocolate. Not too dark, not too sweet. As you can see, it’s quite a thin layer, so it’s difficult to judge the quality accurately, but it certainly tastes better than your average every day chocolate.

Inside that thin layer is a soft, airy, frothy, and slightly chewy banana flavoured centre. It’s sweet and tangy and tastes artificial – like those banana flavour sweets you find in Pick’n’Mix – but unlike those, this happens to be made with 6% real banana.

I’m not sure what they other 94% is, but there doesn’t appear to be any artificial flavourings or colours here, despite tasting liek there might be. And I actually quite enjoyed it.

The bar weighs only 22g, so unless you eat 5 at once, it’s unlikely the sweetness will become overly sickly. I’d certainly be tempted to buy it again. It’s definitely not posh, but it’s a fun, tangy, chocolatey treat.


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  1. Simon

    I did try Manner’s chocolate oranges – remarkably similar in terms of content methinks, and very sweet. Posh kids’ chocs.

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