Zotter Labooko Blumenstrauß

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Zotter Labooko Blumenstrauß

“Blumenstrauß”, for those of you who don’t speak German means “Bouquet”, which might give you a good idea of the flavouring in this Zotter creation.

As with the Raspberry and Coconut offering, there are two different bars in one fold-out pack here. This time, the writing is all in German, but luckily the Zotter web site explains things in English.

Zotter Labooko Blumenstrauß

The first bar is a 60% Ecuador dark chocolate with rose. Or rose petals, to be precise.

The chocolate has a nice, glossy finish and a rich, earthy aroma. It’s packed with flavour too. The initial, slightly bitter flavours quickly give way to a rich and creamy chocolate. Only when you get to the end do you start to pick up the hint of rose flavour. Like a very low-key Turkish Delight.

Zotter Labooko Blumenstrauß

Then you’re left with small pieces of dried rose petal in your mouth. A rather unusual, but not unpleasant experience. The rose flavour is still very subtle, but the texture of the petals can be quite tough. It’s a little disconcerting to finish a piece of chocolate with a mouthful of rose bush, but that probably won’t stop you from wanting to snap off another piece.

The second bar is a 26% milk chocolate with cashew nougat and “meadow flowers”. According to the ingredients, that’s daisies, corn flowers and marigolds. None of which I’ve ever had in chocolate before.

Zotter Labooko Blumenstrauß

Despite the low cocoa percentage, this turned out to be another bar I really enjoyed. It was very soft (partly due to it being a very warm day for reviewing chocolate), with a sweet, flowery flavour, finished off by small pieces of nutty nougat.

I wasn’t able to distinguish the flavours of the actual flowers, but given that I have no idea what daisies taste like, that’s probably not surprising. the base of the bar is covered in yellow, white and blue petals though, so they’re definitely there.

I would classify this as more as an exotic candy than a “serious” chocolate, which is fine by me. I just love the fact that Zotter are happy to throw all sorts of flavours at the wall and just see what sticks.

Put together, these two bars are a great little package. It might not be the kind of thing you have every day, but it’s definitely worth picking one up. If only to say you’ve had chocolate made with daisies.


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  1. Jim

    Did you copy and paste my review chap 😀 We can to very similar conclusions.

    Zotter have really been impressing me recently. Some of their flavours really are fantastic.

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