Lindt ‘Chocolat Provence’ Orange & Thyme Fantasy

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It wouldn’t be Europe if I couldn’t find another ‘previously unknown’ Lindt bar or two. This is one of a brace I bagged in Vienna, and as you can see from the packaging, Lindt have decided to go all rustic with their Provence range.

What we have here is a 60% bittersweet chocolate with a hint of orange flavour which is backed up by the somewhat unusual inclusion of thyme, and that is exactly what you get. Pop a square of this into your mouth and you immediately get a light tangy orange flavour. As the bittersweet chocolate starts to melt, the subtle thyme flavour is allowed out onto your palate, building in intensity as the chocolate breaks down. The finish is a rather delightful herby/citrus combination which never becomes too much of one thing. It’s a well balanced combination of tastes which (hopefully) will be sold more widely across Europe (i.e. in the UK please).

I’ve tried chocolate with herbs before (when in Belgium) but I’ve never seen anything like this on sale as a bar before. As someone who loves the tang of thyme, I was very pleased to be able to taste this bar. The citrus flavours are very summery, and the addition of thyme gives the whole thing a slightly unusual twist. Highly recommended, and I wish I’d bought more than one!


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  1. W_O_W_….! I hope you can feel my jealousy from here, Simon!

  2. Louisa Carey

    I’ve just been to a blind chocolate tasting evening (with blind Belgian beer tasting too), and had the pleasure of trying some thyme chocolate from Bruges. I don’t know the make of it, but it was gorgeous! And I normally hate flavoured chocolate. Now I need to go to Bruges to get some more…

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