Lindt Lime and Green Pepper Mousse

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I found this in an Austrian service station while driving from Brno in the Czech Republic to Ljubljana in Slovenia. No, really.

Physically, this bar falls into the same category and the Cherry/Chilli bar I reviewed some time ago. What you get is a mousse base topped with fruity jelly, wrapped in Lindt’s 70% Bittersweet dark chocolate.

I remember when I tried my first Lime chocolate bar a couple of years ago. I found it in Germany and it scored a big hit with me. That was just plain chocolate with lime oil though, a much less fancy affair than this. I had high hopes for a Lindt Lime bar.

As soon as you bite into a piece of this chocolate your tongue hits the tangy, sweet lime jelly. The mousse in the base starts to melt, mingling with the lime jelly and drifting away, leaving the bittersweet dark chocolate as the finishing taste. The mousse is light and delicate, rich but not overly sweet. Had there been much more sweetness in this bar besides the lime jelly, it would have become far too sweet for the rich dark chocolate.

The green pepper element is held in the jelly and is much less fiery than I had anticipated. It is possible to taste the green peppercorns but they by no means overpower any of the other flavours. It’s a slightly spicy, tangily citrus combination held in check by smooth, rich dark chocolate. The citrus notes in the chocolate make a great finish with the light peppery warmth – more great blending of flavours from the great Lindt.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Another awesome combination from Lindt.

    It can only be a matter of time before they come out with a “Curry and Hamster” flavour somewhere in Europe. And I bet it’ll be divine.

  2. Simon

    Well if there is I’ll do my best to find it. I’m hoping to visit Perugia again tomorrow. Chocohotel time!

  3. Mmm, sounds like an interesting combination.
    Funny, some of the best chocolate I’ve found was also in a gas/service station (in Italy)!

  4. Nick H

    Does anybody know where I can buy this in the Uk or by mail order please? My mother adores it but seems to have become much harder to track down in Germany.. Have the discontinued it?

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