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If you’re familiar with Zotter Chocolate, you’ll probably know that the Austrian bean-to-bar chocolate maker is most widely known for its weird and wonderfully flavoured bars. But you might not know that they also make a range of pralines and truffles.

I picked this box of 16 chocolates at the Zotter factory shop (more on that soon!), but you can also buy a selection online. The main advantage of buying from the physical shop is that you can pick the chocolates you want from the extensive selection and design your own box.

Zotter Truffles

The thing I noticed when buying these is that there’s quite a lot of crossover between the flavours here and Zotter’s Hand Scooped and Mitzi Blue ranges. For many of the chocolates in this range, what you’re getting is mini versions of the bigger bars.


I had thought I was being quite restrained only buying 16, but that’s too many to write about individually, so instead I just want to talk about some of the highlights in my own box. It’s a box that I picked out from my own personal preferences, so it’s perfectly possible I’ve missed out on something amazing. Next time I’ll just have to buy a bigger box.



A soft and creamy white chocolate ganache covered in a thin layer of white chocolate. As ganaches go, this is quite thick, but it’s very smooth and has a wonderful citrus burst with a gentle alcoholic kick.

Johannisbeere Kugel (Blackcurrant Ball)

A dark chocolate truffle ball with an intensely zingy blackcurrant flavour. If you love fruit flavour chocolates as much as I do, this one will really hit the spot.


HaselnussNougat Dunkel (Dark Hazelnut Nougat)

A simple, delicious hazelnut nougat square, decorated with blue flowers – similar to Zotter’s Mitsy Blue range. I love the nougat, but I did find the flowers stuck in my teeth a little!


A caramel nougat in a very thin layer of caramel white chocolate. This replicates one of Zotter’s Hand Scooped bars, but actually works better in this smaller format. It’s sweet, with a pleasant crunch and a very nice biscuity, caramel flavour.


Rum In Kokos (Rum In Coconut)

A milk chocolate square with a white chocolate, rum and coconut filling. Although a little sweet, I liked it because it’s a bit like a grown up Bounty. Or Malibu in chocolate form.

KirschMarzipan (Cherry Marzipan)

A double layered square chocolate with a layer of soft marzipan sat on top of a cherry jelly. I loved the contrast in textures in this chocolate. The cherry layer has an unusual chewy, foamy texture and the marzipan practically melts in the mouth.

Overall, it’s an interesting and unique approach to truffles and pralines that I’m very glad to have sampled. Personally I still prefer the bars (particularly the solid, single origin Labooko range), but these still make a great gift – and something a little different from your average box of chocolate.

I still have petals in my teeth though.


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  1. The ones w/ flowers are beautiful – did the flowers impart any taste?

  2. Ana

    Personally I still prefer the bars (particularly the solid, single origin Labooko range)

    I feel the same way. The crazy flavour combinations are always incredibly tempting to me, they’re really well done and I enjoy them, but if I had to pick a favourite range, I’d definitely go for the plain single origin Labooko because the chocolate gets to be in the spotlight there and it’s really good chocolate.

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