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Vanini Organic Uganda Range

A range of Italian bars featuring organic cocoa from Uganda.

Amedei High Cocoa & Prendimé Range

Amedei's Acero 95% and Toscano 90% and Prendimé bars.

Artisan Du Chocolat Almond Milk Chocolate

An alternative to milk chocolate

Corné Port-Royal Dark Chocolate With Dried Fruit

Chunky fruit & nut chocolate from Belgium.

Lindt Excellence Blueberry Intense

Dark chocolate with blueberry pieces.

Mitzi Blue Marrakesh

Milk chocolate with cardamom and rose petals.

Mast Brothers Dark Chocolate With Almonds

73% Dark Chocolate with Californian almonds.

Arabian Delights Chocodate With Almond

Milk chocolate covered dates with an almond centre.

Heidi Gourmette Almonds & Cherry

Milk chocolate from Romania with almonds and cherries.

Pioneer Candy Co. Toffee

Chocolate and nut toffees from Colorado.

Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Almond

Fair trade chocolate with almond pieces.

Szántó Tibor Maya Heritage

Mexican single origina chocolate with almonds and paprika.

Zorba’s Spiced Chocolate Almonds

Almonds covered in raw chocolate.

Amedei Mandorle Dark Chocolate With Almonds

Italian dark chocolate with Sicilian almond pieces.

Lindt Excellence Passion Fruit Intense

A 49% chocolate with passion fruit and almonds.

Buddha Chocolate Cup And Crystal Salt Bar

A raw, organic take on the peanut butter cup.

Thorntons Bakewell Tart

How does Thorntons take on the traditional Bakewell Tart compare to the real thing?

Paul A. Young Bakewell Tart Dome

Paul A. Young is back with another new creation, but has he managed to capture the essence of a bakewell tart?

Boutique Aromatique Selection

Aromatic, full flavour fresh chocolates from Shelly Preston's new Nottinghamshire chocolate boutique.

Poco Dolce Bittersweet Chocolate Tiles

Another offering from San Francisco's Poco Dolce.

Côte d’Or Fig & Almond Milk Chocolate

Whenever I travel I'm naturally on the lookout for interesting, good quality chocolate to bring back and review. Well, I also like to pop into a supermarket to see what the bigger names brands are doing in other parts of the world, and this 35g mini bar is the result of just such a foray.

Choceur Plain Chocolate With Roasted Salted Almonds

So Christmas is over, VAT has gone up and the weather is still dreadful. What better time to pop into an Aldi in search of potentially tasty bargains?

Patchi Selection

Up until a few months ago, I’d never heard of Patchi. Then, within the space of a few days, Simon found their store in Doha, Qatar, and I found them at the Chocolate Unwrapped show in London. So here are …

Lindt Excellence Black Currant and Roasted Almond

My latest from the good people of Lindt was a package including their two newest bars, Black Currant and Roasted Almond. The look and format is the usual Lindt Excellence style; both are dark chocolates, though the Almond comes in …

Dufflet Bittersweet Chocolate Crackle

Toronto’s legendary Dufflet Bakery is one of those places which becomes an necessary stop once discovered. Their selection of cakes, pies and pastries is impressive enough, but the fact that they taste as good as they look has cemented their …

Ritter Sport Selection Part 2

Taking a look at the first half of Ritter Sport bars I received, my views were favorable. The second half, however, I am not finding so enjoyable. Three of these bars contain nuts; two are dark chocolate. Working on the …

Sugah! Anise Almond Clusters

Sugah! are a company from Halifax, Nova Scotia that managed to slip under my radar until a box of their clusters appeared in my mailbox via a friend. She hadn’t sampled their chocolate before either, but liked the look of …

Kettle Confections Orange Almond Nougats

From Kettle Confections comes this red box of Chocolate – Orange Almonds Nougats. I’m loving the Minnie Mouse style it imparts, as well as the fact that it is tied, once again, with a real fabric bow. What we have …

Galler Mendiants

When I received this tube of Mendiants from Galler, my first question (and probably one you’ve already asked) was “What are Mendiants then?” Luckily the answers are online (as ever) and so I quote from Wikipedia: “A mendiant is a …

Chocoholly Orange & Almond Milk Chocolate

Just look at that. Have you ever seen so much ‘stuff’ crowded onto a single chocolate bar? I think the closest I’ve seen was Cocoa Tree’s Organic Ginger bar I reviewed last year. No ginger here though. This is big …

ION Milk Chocolate With Almonds

It’s been a while since I reviewed any Greek chocolate, so I thought I’d delve into my chocolate stash and find one of the bars sent to us by reader George Loumakis. According to George, this bar is “an absolute …

Lindt Classic Raisin & Nuts

A box with chocolate inside is a wonderful thing to find at your door when you get up in the morning, even if it’s already expected. In my excitement, I had to get the photo shoot done and try some …

Moser-Roth Orange & Almond

Here’s another (potentially) cheap and cheerful offering from one of the UK’s budget supermarket chains. Manufactured for the Aldi chain, the package contains five 25g bars and according to the blurb on the back it’s ‘a delicious treat for connoisseurs …

Cadbury Old Gold Roast Almond

Cadbury has been revamping the Old Gold range. For a long time the choices didn’t seem very extensive, and Old Gold was a bit of a yawn. Been round for ages. Yawn. Let’s try something else. I’m pleased to say …

Marich Chocolate Toffee Almonds

I’m not sure how widespread Marich is. Their products did make it to a shop in the microscopic ghost town of Jerome, Arizona, but seeing as they’re based out of California (like nearly every other U.S. chocolate company, it would …

Woolworths Select Almond Chocolate

One of the most disappointing reactions anyone can have after looking forward to their daily (for me) or weekly chocolate treat is to snap off a few squares, let it swirl around the mouth for a few moments before dismissively …

Carrefour Noir Poire

From French supermarket chain Carrefour and by way of Doha, Qatar, this 64% cocoa bar with pear and caramelised almonds caught my eye while I was over there last December. It’s rare to see pear chocolate, and certainly in bar …

Ferrero Rondnoir

Dark chocolate and almond balls of joy.

Emily’s Cherry Hazelnuts and Cranberry Almonds

Continuing with Emily’s Chocolates, we have these two red boxes. The first is half cherries and half hazelnuts; the second is half cranberries and half almonds. They’re all covered in a sweet dark chocolate with a vanilla flavor this time. …

Hotel Chocolat Fruit & Nut Christmas Wreath

I love Hotel Chocolat. Everything they do is of exceptional quality and beautifully presented. But I like them most when they come out with something completely outlandish, indulgent and just plain weird. So as you might have guessed, I particularly …

Haigh’s Milk Chocolate Sultanas & Scorched Almonds

It is with some measure of sadness that I am leaving my home state – and the proud home of Haigh’s Chocolates – South Australia – for a new(ish) life in Melbourne. However it is with great comfort to know …

Chocolat Factory – The Pot

This is the other item I bought from the makers of the lovely Pear & Chocolate jam I found in Spain a while back. Had my Spanish been up to scratch, I would have known that ‘crackania’ are almonds, and …

Nestlé Black Magic Raisins & Almonds

About a month ago, we got an email from a reader in Ireland asking if we’d heard about Nestlé’s complete revamp of its “Black Magic” brand. In an effort to get with the times, and “after thorough market research”, Nestlé …

Cadbury Honey Almond Nougat Picnic

Call them what you will – Bog Bars, Poo Sticks or Caddyshack Candies, the good old Cadbury Picnic has been around for donkeys’ years and is still worth sinking your teeth into every now and then when your craving insists …

M&S Swiss Chocolate Extra Fine Mountain Bar

I was quite excited to find this bar in M&S Simply Food in Marylebone Station earlier this week. Not only is it an obvious Toblerone rip-off, but it also looks uncannily like the Mahony bar that Kath reviewed a couple …
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