Haigh’s Milk Chocolate Sultanas & Scorched Almonds

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It is with some measure of sadness that I am leaving my home state – and the proud home of Haigh’s Chocolates – South Australia – for a new(ish) life in Melbourne. However it is with great comfort to know that good old Haigh’s also has stores in Melbourne, but it has always amused me how Haigh’s already know how good they are because you don’t get even a sniff of a free sample until after you’ve bought some of their product. That’s confidence and cockiness for you, but is it deserved?

Being a fairly permanent dweller on the Dark Side of the Chocolate world, I thought it was time to sample some of Haigh’s quiet achievers, the strong sellers that aren’t as glamorously wrapped as their celebrated dark chocolate creams or their giant gold wrapped frogs. Yes, I’m talking about the humble scorched milk chocolate almonds and sultanas that lurk in the shelves relatively unadorned.

Haigh’s milk chocolate – definitely some of the very best around – contains approximately 36% cocoa solids, so it’s no lightweight. When this marvellous stuff is also generously coated over some really fresh-tasting and crunchy almonds, the combination is a winner. I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve tried the dark chocolate scorched almond version (at 51% cocoa solids) and actually consider that the milk is a better pairing.

These sultanas may remind me just a bit too graphically of my pet rabbit’s, ahem, ‘bunny butt beans’ but I’m absolutely sure that they taste about a thousand percent better. Haigh’s have chosen top quality juicy sultanas and, as with the almonds, coated them in their glorious milk chocolate which results in an ultra-sweet pellet of pleasure. The only bad thing is that it’s too devilishly easy to polish off an entire bag and regret it afterwards.


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  1. The scorched almonds are one of my dad’s favourites – very close behind the choccie frogs (always dark chocolate – of course!).

  2. Eating a whole bag of chocy sultanas is almost as bad as going through a whole bag of Fruchocs. Very easy to do, and comes with it’s very own special punishment the following day 🙁

    Here be the voice of experience.

  3. kim

    That is funny Ashleigh. Love chocy sultanas but yes in moderation.

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