Cadbury Honey Almond Nougat Picnic

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Call them what you will – Bog Bars, Poo Sticks or Caddyshack Candies, the good old Cadbury Picnic has been around for donkeys’ years and is still worth sinking your teeth into every now and then when your craving insists that absolutely nothing else will do. Obviously though, if you’re unlucky enough to get an old one that has stale wafer inside sealed up with rock-hard caramel you won’t feel like reaching for another one any time soon, and this has happened to me at least half of the time.

However, next to the old favourite at my local shop was a new flavour: Honey Almond Nougat. Well, I had to buy them both and try them out for you, didn’t I?

Luckily for me, the classic Picnic bar was nice and fresh – crunchy peanuts, crispy thin wafer and nice chewy layers of caramel with a thick coat of Dairy Milk. Weight-wise, the bar is a fifty gram log, of which 16.5 was fat – certainly not one of the healthier choccies to chew on, but sinfully satisfying nonetheless.

I admittedly didn’t have particularly high hopes for the Honey Almond Nougat variety. Cadbury had previously released an unsuccessful choc-honeycomb version a year or so ago, and I thought I’d done a thorough job of eradicating it from my memory. (Obviously not: I recall feeling as though I was eating a forest log filled with semi-dried bumble bees).

Once again, luck was on my side Picnic-wise. This one tasted delicious! The full flavour combination of honey, nougat and almonds was very noticeable and it perfectly complemented the Dairy Milk coating. It was reassuring to read on the ingredients list that it did indeed contain roasted almonds, real honey and egg white, a key ingredient of nougat. Note to Cadbury – real ingredients are noticeable and are appreciated.

Oddly enough, the bar was 45g instead of the normal 50g classic Picnic – presumably because almonds are a more expensive ingredient than peanuts – but, less oddly and more importantly, it has almost half the fat of the original Picnic bar – a mere 9.2g. Yay, I can now eat two! Fingers crossed that this new flavour goes the opposite direction to the Cadbury Desserts range and stays on our shelves permanently.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I’m trying to work out if that’s different from a UK Picnic… it’s been so long since I had one. But I’m just not quite curious enough to go out and buy one to see. 🙂

  2. Does the Australian Picnic not have raisins in? Oh, I dream of a raisin-less Picnic . . .

  3. Aw go on Dom, live on the edge and buy yourself a Picnic!

    Amanda our Aussie version has never had raisins in it. Thank god because it sounds awful…..

  4. It is pretty bad Kath. But then, I have never been a fan of the shrivelled grape / chocolate combination 🙂

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