Côte d’Or Fig & Almond Milk Chocolate

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Whenever I travel I’m naturally on the lookout for interesting, good quality chocolate to bring back and review. Well, I also like to pop into a supermarket to see what the bigger names brands are doing in other parts of the world, and this 35g mini bar is the result of just such a foray.

In case you didn’t already know, Côte d’Or went the way of Cadbury is part of the food-Borg that is Kraft.

The milk chocolate is 40% cocoa solids but something of a disappointment. Not that it never had a chance in the face of an onslaught of overly sugared fig ‘pieces’ (basically figs soaked in sugar, dried, then sprayed with more sugar, or so it seemed). The fig pieces felt freeze dried but were obviously over sweetened, and tat was about the size of it. There was chocolate and almond fragments in there, but they were completely overwhelmed by the perfumey sweet overkill of the fig.

I have to confess to being somewhat disappointed. Côte d’Or have produced some fairly passable bars in the past, but this seemed like one of those cheap ‘copy’ bars you might find in budget supermarkets rather than the product of a Belgian chocolate maker with some years of experience. Definitely needs a rethink as far as I’m concerned.


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