Lindt Excellence Black Currant and Roasted Almond

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My latest from the good people of Lindt was a package including their two newest bars, Black Currant and Roasted Almond. The look and format is the usual Lindt Excellence style; both are dark chocolates, though the Almond comes in at two percent less than the Currant’s 49% cacao.

Being friendly to currants and chocolate, I started with the Black Currant bar. Unsurprisingly, the “black currants” are made up of black currant juice, sugar, apple, pineapple pulp, etc. The bar smells good, though — fruity and chocolaty in one. Its flavor is deep, with the dark fruit flavor coming in. The “currants” are not big pieces; the added “slivers” of almonds take up about as much space. Initially, I was concerned about them coming to interfere with the currants, but they really are simply slivers. The only better term would be splinters. So I can’t say that they deter from anything; they only add the slightest crunch.

After this, I’d expected the Roasted Almond bar to be much the same, just without the currants. But it’s very different. The chocolate, whose flavor now has less to compete with, has notes of coffee. There are more almonds, too. I find myself enjoying it more than the usual chocolate and nuts mix. The size of the almonds being so small and thin means that there is no texture conflict, yet you can still taste them.

The chocolate in general, as well, works for me, even at its awkward middle cocoa content. It’s steady enough to earn my respect, working at the right level to sit as a complement for the other flavors. Two nice bars from Lindt for your chocolate-munching moments.


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  1. I like almond with nuts inside too…….especially the taste of coffee inside.


  2. Absolutely sensational! 20 out of 10:). Easy to make and it looks very prooassifnel when finished. The topping is delicious, and I topped it with strawberries (raspberries are $7 a small punnet at the moment) and am looking forward to seeing my men folk enjoy their birthday cake. Thanks KC!

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