Carrefour Noir Poire

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Carrefour Noire Poire

From French supermarket chain Carrefour and by way of Doha, Qatar, this 64% cocoa bar with pear and caramelised almonds caught my eye while I was over there last December. It’s rare to see pear chocolate, and certainly in bar form. This bar promised 10% pieces of dried pear (which had been made from pear puree with added pineapple fibre for some reason) and 6% almonds.

I picked this up because I don’t often see pear chocolate, and because I liked the sound of the caramelised nuts, but when I read the back of the packet I found that I was also in for some apple and pineapple fibre as well as the 35% pear puree and pieces of pear. I can only guess that the pineapple fibre was there to hold it all together.

Carrefour Noire Poire

It’s a little odd on the palate this one. I’d have expected the chocolate to start melting a little quicker than it did, but perhaps the fibrous extras and the fruit content make the process a little slower. What you do get is an almost immediate blast of pear flavour, then the chocolate starts to kick in alongside.

Once it gets going, the chocolate melts pretty quickly, and soon I found myself munching on a combination of pear and nut pieces, which were eminently palatable.

A very enjoyable bar, this one. Reminiscent of summer afternoons in England, which probably aren’t that much different from a winter’s day in Qatar after all!

I couldn’t tell you if Carrefour France sell this (you can just make out ‘Qatar Only’ stamped on the box) but if they do it’s one to keep an eye out for.


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  1. I live in UAE, I remember that I saw carrefour chocolate bars here, and there was many flavors.
    I have to try some of them.

  2. rosieferne

    they do have them in France. I got one from the “Champion” supermarket, which has Carrefour products (tho I don’t know if carrefour owns champion)

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