Marich Chocolate Toffee Almonds

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Marich Chocolate Toffee Almonds

I’m not sure how widespread Marich is. Their products did make it to a shop in the microscopic ghost town of Jerome, Arizona, but seeing as they’re based out of California (like nearly every other U.S. chocolate company, it would seem), that isn’t the greatest distance to have traveled.

Their origins are actually in Holland, where Marinus van Dam worked on candy-making. His sons have since taken over.

There’s one thing I love about this. Unless you consider the lime green particularly bold, there’s nothing too daring or crazy about anything on the box. The only words are the quick description on the front and the ingredients, along with a brief company history. So I had to smile when I lifted the top flap to find in bold, plain letters, “Quick… While Nobody’s Looking.” Not over the top, taking over, but just a subtle, unexpected detail.

Marich Chocolate Toffee Almonds

Now for the “Premium California almonds in a buttery toffee glaze and creamy milk chocolate.” Since the almonds already taste a little like peanuts, once you add the sweetness and saltiness of the toffee layer, there’s a slight Reese’s Cup flavor going on. The milk chocolate seems smooth with some vanilla flavors, the almonds clear and fresh, though their real work is done as a pair.

They do have the addictive quality of small crunchy, sweet, salty, chocolatey, chewy things. Although I’m not rushing out to find more Marich products (most of them seem to be chocolate-free candies, anyway), I’m pleased to have tried these.


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  1. Christine

    Actually, these sound quite nice. Almonds, toffee and chocolate. Sounds like a winning trifecta to me!

  2. Maggie

    Chocolate. Caramel. Almond. Not a surprising combination. But hey, who needs surprising when the tried & tested is so delicious?
    Mmm… I think I need some chocolate-covered almonds. Now.

  3. I just tried those recently too, though I haven’t seen them in stores yet (they were samples from a trade show – now I know what to look for in stores). I thought they were very tasty, the crunch of the toffee was great – though I would have preferred more toffee in there.

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