Amedei Mandorle Dark Chocolate With Almonds

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This little bar has been in my collection for a while, and it’s a bit battered and very slightly bloomed. But that won’t stop me eating it, so I thought I may as well review it as well.

Obviously for a fully accurate review, someone at Amedei would need to send us lots of new chocolate. Yes, I think that’s what needs to happen…

This bar is packed in the standard Amedei way. It’s a simple 50g bar wrapped in a deceptively large card pouch, that might make it look the same size as the 70 – 100g bars from other manufacturers that you’ll see alongside it in the shops. It looks nice, but if you don’t know Amedei or look at the weight on the back of the pack when you buy it, you might not be overly happy when you see the size of the bar inside.

That aside, Amedei is one of the best chocolate makers in the world, if not the best. Year after year they produce award winning bean-to-bar chocolate in their factory in Tuscany. Chocolatier William Curley uses Amedei chocolate exclusively in his chocolates, but this is the first time I’ve tried one of their own flavoured bars.

This is a 63% cocoa solids dark chocolate with small pieces of Sicilian almond liberally scattered through it. Those almond pieces add a nice texture to the chocolate as well as a surprising amount of flavour. The chocolate though is a touch on the sweet side for my liking and while there is a bit of fruitiness, there’s not a lot of depth to it.

It’s simple, sweet and nutty. Very easy to eat, but not the finest of fine chocolates. Not my favourite Amedei offering, but it’s one of those chocolates in my stash that I wish I’d got around to trying when it was it it’s best. Given the size of the bar and how quickly it disappears, I’m going to have to get at least two next time though.


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  1. Amedei’s chocolates are great products. They are availabel in our online shop too. We are in Spain and Portugal with the best chocolate: Amedei, Domori, Pralus, Cluizel, Weiss, Zaabar, Pacari, Torreblanca, E.Rovira, O.Balaguer,…

  2. This looks really lovely, this one. I haven’t tried anything by Amedei before but I definitely will now.

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