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After waiting patiently for quite a while, I’ve finally crossed paths with another bar of Romanian chocolate. And not surprisingly, it is also from Heidi Chocolate who happened to make the other bar from Romania I had before making me suspect that they are the only company in Romania making chocolate. Probably not though.

Anyway, this time around it is a rather pretty bar of milk chocolate with caramelized almonds and dried cherries. The look of the bar, right down to the packaging, is very reminiscent of the newer Lindt Passion bars with the peephole box that shows off the encrusted surface. And, as the photos show, there’s a lot of stuff on there. So much that there’s an assumption that this is a bar which will positively explode with flavour but as Heidi demonstrated to me in the past, it isn’t quite that simple.

The chocolate is relatively sweet anyway – only 30% which is perfectly acceptable for milk chocolate – but the caramelized almonds adds to that quite significantly. And the cherries don’t actually get much of a look in apart from a periodic fruity burst that could easily be some other kind of berry instead. I really was expecting to be slapped across the face by the cherries and all I got was a polite tap on the shoulder. The sweet, crunchy almond pieces were rather nice though and they were what kept me coming back despite the added sugar.

So this was a slightly above average bar of chocolate, which is definitely one to eat rather than to savour. The level of sweetness was just too high for me and I couldn’t get through more than a couple of squares at a time. With persistence, I did eat the whole thing but I don’t think I’d pick it up again. Those with a very sweet tooth might enjoy it though. I, on the other hand, am waiting to see what else Romania as waiting in the wings.


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  1. Eli

    I’m from Romania.
    Thank you for advertising Romanian chocolate 🙂
    I prefer (very) dark chocolate myself.

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