Choceur Plain Chocolate With Roasted Salted Almonds

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So Christmas is over, VAT has gone up and the weather is still dreadful. What better time to pop into an Aldi in search of potentially tasty bargains? On this occasion my eye was drawn to this interesting looking little wallet which was home to eight of these little slabs of dark chocolate.

The chocolate is 56% cacao and contains only four ingredients (and no colourings or preservatives), so it’s proper stuff. Remembering Dom’s recent review of a similarly salty chocolate, I decided to go choc side down first, then choc side up. Chocolate side down allowed me to have a taste of the cacao before the saltiness took over. It’s quite smooth, not too bitter, and has a good mouthfeel. There’s enough sweetness in there to balance well with the salt, and once the roasted almonds join in it’s quite a tasty little mouthful.

I was actually quite surprised at just how different the ‘choc side up’ tasting was. There’s a lot of salt/nut flavours, and the nut pieces insulate the chocolate from the heat of the tongue, meaning that it’s quite some time before the chocolate begins to melt (although this does require a degree of self control). This is evidently not the normal way to eat chocolate, but it did mean that my third tasting allowed me to differentiate the flavours and gauge their balance, and I have to say that for supermarket chocolate, it isn’t half bad at all.

Of course you could buy something similar made from much higher quality ingredients in small batches, but considering that this is relatively ‘pure’ chocolate that won’t break the bank, I’d say it’s definitely worth a go. They’re cheap enough not to be a luxury but tasty enough to impress.


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  1. NeilT

    A very fair assessment. I bought some of these before Christmas and came to much the same conclusion. Definitely good value for the money.

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