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This is the other item I bought from the makers of the lovely Pear & Chocolate jam I found in Spain a while back.

Had my Spanish been up to scratch, I would have known that ‘crackania’ are almonds, and ‘coco’ referred to the coconut that they had been rolled in after being coated in chocolate, but as it was I liked the enigmatic styling of ‘The Pot’ and picked ‘crackania al coco’ because I really wasn’t sure what awaited me once I popped the lid off.

As it turned out, it was this – a collection of white chocolate coated almonds rolled in coconut shavings (with a nice little pile of coconut in the bottom of the tin). A somewhat unusual method of packaging, but I already knew that Chocolat Factory were a little strange anyway.

My initial reaction was one of mild disappointment – more bland white chocolate, boorrrrrinnng. However, I was in for a shock. The addition of coconut and a little extra ‘aromas’ and ‘epices’ meant that what could have been quite run of the mill ended up being a very pleasant surprise indeed. The combination of the coconut and almond worked remarkably well with the white chocolate, and I detected a hint of salt in there to balance what might have ended up being yet more overly sweet white chocolate. The almonds were crisp and seemed to have been lightly caramelised so that once the white chocolate/coconut exterior had gone, I was left with a completely different tasting caramel/almond complex to taste, and it was definitely a case of these chocs saving the best for last.

Based on my (thus far) limited experience of Chocolat Factory products, I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’ll be trying to track more of their products down when I next visit Spain. Which is in September, so hopefully I’ll have time to fill a small sack with more of their stuff. I’d definitely recommend keeping an eye out for anything made by Chocolat Factory.

They seem to be yet another fresh, young company with a flair for producing slightly unusual, mildly humorous products.


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  1. The Spanish word for almonds is almendras. I have no idea what crackania means but I don’t think practicing your Spanish would have helped.

  2. Marcia

    They look delicious!

  3. Alexandra


    I work for chocolat factory in barcelona in one of their small shops, situated in the heart of barcelona …well, normaly crackania is almond with praline and cocoa powder – product typical from catalunya…the one with coconut is the one of 5 special types, different ones we sell…I enjoyed reading, you liked it, because I like it much too. If you come to barcelona, visit shop in Provenza 233, I can show you a lot of product that you havent tried…like pistachos with milk chocolate or corn (kikos) with white chocolate …or cocoa bean with dark chocolate and black pepper!!
    🙂 and we always have same samples to taste 🙂
    So, hope to see ya!

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