Lindt Classic Raisin & Nuts

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Lindt Classic Raisin & Nuts

A box with chocolate inside is a wonderful thing to find at your door when you get up in the morning, even if it’s already expected. In my excitement, I had to get the photo shoot done and try some before anything else. It seemed like a sign that the chocolate was for breakfast, but who wants a review taken on an empty stomach? So it sat there taunting me all morning while I found other things that needed to be done first.

The irony of this is that (please, Kath, don’t hurt me for my confession!) I’ve been more or less staying away from Lindt lately. I thought I’d found that the overall taste was always good, but that the chocolate itself didn’t have enough attention. Can someone tell me where I got that idea from? I must have had a Swiss prejudice that I’ve since gotten over because now I can say that everything about this bar is delicious.

Lindt Classic Raisin & Nuts

First, the size of the pieces. Instead of the nine too-big squares, this one is broken into thirty perfectly-sized rectangles. It’s mostly the raisins that pop up on the light brown face, with the hazelnuts and walnuts on the back. The smooth, sweet, and rich smelling chocolate (31% cacao) has a wonderful caramel flavor that gives way to the nuts and raisins. The sweetness of the latter is evoked by the milk chocolate, and I always love the flavor of hazelnuts. The best way to eat it is to let the first layer of chocolate melt to get its taste in full, then begin slowly chewing for all the textures provided by the nuts and raisins.

I can’t stop eating it. Where is my self-control? Suffice it to say that my Lindt prejudice is over.


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  1. Glad to hear it, Deanna!

    Actually I just assumed that this classic block had already been reviewed…. it’s always been a favourite, so I’m not surprised you had it for breakfast.

  2. Kissa

    Yum! I love the raisin, nuts, and chocolate mix

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