Ritter Sport Selection Part 2

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Taking a look at the first half of Ritter Sport bars I received, my views were favorable. The second half, however, I am not finding so enjoyable. Three of these bars contain nuts; two are dark chocolate.

Working on the milk side first, we have a Milk Chocolate with Whole Almonds.

“Roasted almonds from California” to be exact. Turning the bar over, you can see about thirty of them sticking out of the back. Pretty basic. So, too, their taste. I’m eating it quick enough, but nothing is really interesting me. I’ve tasted the milk chocolate before; the nuts are like an addition of texture, and I thought the biscuit made a better addition.

Milk Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts is the same story. Readers will know that I like hazelnuts and chocolate (though I do prefer a creamy form), but this bar didn’t excite me. The disbursement, also, of the nuts is too random. My first square had no hazelnuts at all, while the others were packed.

As you’ll notice by now, my comments are growing progressively worse. On the Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts, the nuts were placed in a near figure eight. The corners were scanty, while the lines on the “eight” were thick. Now, readers also know that I tend to be pickier with dark chocolate. Ritter Sport’s dark chocolate puts in mind the Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Lover’s Bar, though that one was up there at 85% cacao. This one is, naturally, much sweeter. I personally think the hazelnut/milk chocolate combination works much better, but if standard dark chocolates are to your taste, you may like this one.

The last bar is a plain 50% Dark Chocolate with cocoa from Papua New Guinea. I’m assuming it’s the same chocolate as in the Hazelnut bar. Frankly, I don’t like it by itself at all. It has some good chocolaty flavors, but they’re entirely eclipsed for me by the sugary goopiness. I’ll either give the rest away (sweetly saying, “I think you’ll like this,” of course) or put it in a recipe. For those who like sweet dark chocolate only.

There is my two-sided opinion on Ritter Sport. They can make some tasty chocolates, but also some boring ones. These four fell into the latter category.


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  1. I love your blog!! I’m currently trying to identify the best chocolate bar out there. My friends and I hold chocolate tasting parties where we evaluate 10 bars at a time. Only the “winner” goes on for future evaluations. With the amount of chocolate bars you have reviewed, do you have a favorite? I would love to include it in my next party!

  2. I am big fan of dark chocolates. Hmmm I love it!!! Your blog is a dictionary for chocolate lovers. I am really grateful for sharing your views. I am waiting for your next post. Suggest me a most delicious chocolate that you have tasted.

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