Arabian Delights Chocodate With Almond

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Arabian Delights Choco-Date With Almond

Now if there’s a fruit that is ‘typically Arabian’ it has to be the date. Arabs love dates. Fact.

Little surprise then that some bright spark decided to cover dates in chocolate. Sweet fruit and sweet chocolate – perfect. The cunning part was when the inventor of Chocodate decided to replace the date stone with a whole almond. Genius.

Arabian Delights Choco-Date With Almond

I picked these up en route home from Egypt. With hindsight I realise that those rucksack-sized bags were there for a reason. Chocodates are somewhat moreish.

Think about it, you begin with something wrapped in milk chocolate. Bite down through the shell and you encounter a whole date – soft, sweet, gooey fruitiness. Delicious. The coup de grace is the single crisp almond at the heat of each piece. It’s a great counterpoint to all that squidgy gooiness and finishes the whole experience off beautifully.

Arabian Delights Choco-Date With Almond

My only problem with chocodates is the obvious one. The chocolate is a bit poor. It’s a standard issue 30% cacao milk chocolate and it doesn’t really deliver much in the way of a taste experience. Each time I had a Chocodate I found myself thinking “These would be so much better if somebody decided to bring out a posh version with some proper chocolate” and that’s more or less the thrust of this review.

Arabian Delights Choco-Date With Almond

I can see why Chocodates are so popular, but I can also see how an upmarket version made with either a high cacao milk chocolate or a top notch mid-range dark chocolate would transform these into something quite spectacular – so when you’ve made your first batch, oh chocolatier, could I have a few to sample please?


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  1. Fathima Hamid

    These are very frequently available in many supermarkets in Qatar, yet I somehow never got around to trying them assuming them to be of poor standard. However having read this review, I will definitely give them a try soon. Here in Qatar a shop by the name of Al Bateel does really good chocolate covered dates, as does another one called Wafi gourmet. But they are quite pricey though hence not something I buy all the time.

  2. Zein

    You should come to Jordan you can get fresh chocodates stuffed with almonds and other types of nuts and fruits, the best known places to get these from are Al Baraka dates and The delights shop for they use the finest dark, milk and white chocolate!! check out their pages on facebook!/albarakadates!/TheDelightsShop

  3. Hassan

    Please let me know, if there is any possibilities to shipping Maldives. Am waiting for response. my e-mail:
    Thank You

  4. Rita Nair

    I want to buy choco dates of arabian delight brand from Dubai, can you please let me know from where can i buy them.

    • mohamed

      Soon in Dubai with the real and original chocodates made in Palestine using the finest kind of dates, that does not grow in any arab or foreign country except Palestine and the usa. This kind of Dates does not even grow neith in Saudi Arabia nor in Iraq. The Palestinian Dates r very tasty, health and rich. soon will be in Dubai and with real, and original holy taste of dates and chocodates.


  5. saba

    Anybody knoe if we buy these in toronto cansda

    • Thanks Simon for the great comments in your article. I have mentioned our Web site ( where you will be delighted to find that we have indeed created other Flavors in our Chocodate Range. In addition to Milk flavor, we have added the Dark and the White (launched in March 2011) with our International Packaging.

      In response to Hassan, I have given your email to our Export Manager covering the Maldives.

      In response to Rita Nair, our home Market is UAE (Dubai) and you can find Chocodate in all HyperMarket and SuperMarket in the country- if you have difficulties please contact our UAE Head of Business Mr Sami Letaeif at

      In response to Saba, yes indeed we have launched in Canada and you can contact our Distributor at:
      420 Nugget Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
      M1S 4A4, Canada
      Phone: (416) 261-8700 , Fax: (416) 261-8760

      Thank you and please continue to enjoy our very unique Chocodate!
      Best regards,

  6. Amazing blog. Arabian Chocolates tests so luscious apatite, soft, sweet, gooey fruity and delicious. Anyway having perused this survey, I will check out them soon. People love to eat chocolates and special more affection to eat Arabian Delights Chocolate With Almond. Good blog and Keep sharing more.

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