Moser-Roth Orange & Almond

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Moser-Roth Orange & Almond

Here’s another (potentially) cheap and cheerful offering from one of the UK’s budget supermarket chains. Manufactured for the Aldi chain, the package contains five 25g bars and according to the blurb on the back it’s ‘a delicious treat for connoisseurs of sophisticated gourmet chocolate’.

Sounds like my kind of confectionery.

Moser-Roth Orange & Almond

Further reading told me that the chocolate is made from ‘the finest cocoa to give a rich aroma… to create an unforgettable eating experience.’

Now I don’t know what you’re thinking at this point, dear reader, but it struck me that the contents of this packet were going to have to be quite something if they were going to live up to this kind of hype.

Moser-Roth Orange & Almond

Now I have to say that you can’t really fault Moser-Roth for presentation. The chocolate mini-bars look the part alright. So far so good, but as we all know, the proof of the pudding lies in the eating, and that is preceded by the smell test, and this, I’m afraid to say, was where things started to go downhill.

As you might expect, there’s a good strong citrus tang but little in the way of a rich aroma. Popping a piece into my mouth had me reaching for the packet to check the ingredients.



Just under half of this chocolate is sugar – 45.5g of every hundred, in fact. A lot of sugar. What that does (for me at least) is to destroy any chance of appreciating the cocoa flavours, no matter how fine the cocoa may be.

Sorry, Aldi, but it’s not a winner. I do wonder whether this would be popular in the US, though…


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  1. Maggie

    It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever tried, but calling it “finest gourmet chocolate” is a huge misunderstanding.

  2. BlueSkies

    Yeah it looks nice but I didn’t enjoy it either. (But then, I didn’t enjoy Aldi’s Choceur chocolate)

  3. Despinamy

    It wouldn’t work for this girl in the US. I prefer my chocolate dark, at least 60%. If the bar is half sugar. I wouldn’t eat it, I’d toss it. Not everyone in the US likes sugar bomb chocolate. Thanks for the warning on this bar though.

  4. Susie

    You guy’s are picky! This is very good chocolate, not the best by any means but very,very good for the money. I was impressed and have been sharing it with family for quite a while now. Extra sugar or’s good stuff for the price. If you are reading this and you haven’t tried it yet, go for it!

  5. JoT

    This is by far the best chocolate product that Aldi has to offer. I absolutely love the slivers of almond and soft pieces of citrus embedded in this wonderfully crafted chocolate. A great product for an excellent price. I recommend all chocolate lovers to try this one out!

  6. Ngelina

    Just bought some.
    Awful. Like sawdust with grease and cacao, and waaaay too sweet. and I bet no real cacao butter in it, just some synthetic stuff. This chocolate does not melt in your mouth, it just struggles there for being digested locally…

    I’m not as rich I could afford to pay for crap, next time I buy a better “price vs. value rating”.

    This thing strongly resembles to those chocolates available in my early childhood: the cheaper “chocolate” we got behind the iron curtain.
    There were tasteful exceptions (that were truly worth it), but the average quality was the same as this Moser Roth.
    For me this is 3 out of 10.

  7. Johannes

    Hey , Stop yo winin , Y’all :>)
    MR makes really good chocolate.
    If the orange and almond is too sweet , then go for the 85%.
    I am from the UK , MR knocks the socks off Cadbury any day.
    Packaging is great too !

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