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Equal Exchange Lemon Ginger & Black Pepper Dark Chocolate

A heavily flavoured, fairly traded dark chocolate.

Rococo Chocolates Valentine’s Special

Valentine's ganaches from Rococo.

Konnerup White Yoghurt Chocolate With Lemon

White chocolate with lemon and yoghurt powder.

Emils Gustavs Sea Salt & Lemon

Latvian chocolate with sea salt and lemon.

Rococo Chocolates Valentines Fresh Ganaches

Handmade Valentines chocolate from Rococo.

Chococo Chocolate Dipped Turkish Delight

Lemon and rose flavour Turkish dipped in dark chocolate.

Le Belge Chocolatier Sea Salt Collection

A collection of sea-salt bars from Le Belge Chocolatier.

Tiger J’s Truffles

A range of truffles sold partly in aid of the Born Free Foundation.

Delicaseys Selection

A selection of dark chocolates from Australian chocolatier Casey Sheehan.

Woodhouse Chocolate Salty Savory Bars

A selection of dark chocolate bars flavoured with a myriad of herbs and spices.

Thorntons Cloudy Lemonade

The latest addition to Thornton's chocolate block range, this white chocolate with lemon oil and popping candy is sure to put a smile on your face.

Pourtoi Chocolate Chip Cookies

A range of soft chocolate chip cookies that are gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and kosher.

Charlotte Flower Chocolates Selection

A selection of handmade chocolates from Scotland flavoured with local plants and trees!

Baruzzo Summer Collection

Take a look at the new summer collection from UK-based Italian chocolatier Raffaella Baruzzo.

Elisabeth Chocolatier Selection

A selection of chocolates from Belgian chocolatier Elisabeth.

Paul A. Young Pistachio & Lemon Thyme Caramel Mallow

A hand painted dome of 64% Valrhona Madagascan chocolate. Inside, there’s a layer of pistachio flavoured marshmallow, with a second layer of lemon thyme caramel on top.

Seed & Bean Lemon & Poppy Seeds

Seed & Bean are a UK company producing ethical and organic chocolate bars. They sent us their entire range (expect more reviews soon!), but this caught my eye as I’ve never reviewed a chocolate bar with poppy seeds. Simon recently …

Cacao Sampaka Gin & Tonic

Cacao Sampaka are a Spanish chocolate company, with shops in Spain, Portugal, the Middle East & Japan. They currently have an online store in the UK and I think you can expect to see more of them over here soon. …

Zotter Lemon Polenta

I brought this bar along as a little treat while I work in the Middle East. It’s (currently) the last Zotter bar in my possession, and as we’ve come to expect the flavour combination is, shall we say, a little …

Lindt Petits Desserts Sorbetto

During my last shopping trip, it was hard not to notice Lindt’s new Petits Desserts Sorbetto chocolates on the shelf because of the really unique packaging they’ve been given – an oversized cardboard ice cream cone that declares in no …

Bellina Chocolate House, Cambridge

Whilst out and about on my travels a while ago, I tracked down the Bellina Chocolate House in Cambridge. Located in newer premises on Bridge Street (having moved from a small side street which is also home to a fantastic …

Zotter Olives With Lemon

It’s time for something weird and wonderful from Zotter – that slightly mad Austrian bean-to-bar chocolate maker. This time we have a 60% dark chocolate with an olive and lemon filling – something which sounds positively tame by normal Zotter …

Côte d’Or Lemon Ginger & Passion Fruit

The selection of chocolate bars available at the non-specialist shops in town in pretty stagnant – all the usual things from the usual suspects and that’s about it. And while it is rather nice to be able to pick up …

Niko B Organic Chocolates Selection

Anthony Ferguson is an American chocolate maker who up until 2001 was working for Silicon Graphics in San Francisco. These days, he’s living in Hackney with his British wife and running a chocolate company named after his son Nikolas. I …

Raffaella Baruzzo Sicilian Lemon Slices

One of the last stalls I visited at the South Bank Chocolate Festival was being run by Raffaella Baruzzo and it was home to a myriad of cellophane bags containing all manner of brightly coloured sweets and numerous chocolate confectionery. …

Nestlé KitKat Ginger Ale

I picked up this particular KitKat in CyberCandy’s London store. I didn’t let the staff know who I was, so I actually had to pay for it (shocking!). I will say that it’s a nice little shop, clean and well …

Waitrose Dark Chocolate & Lemon Truffles

From Waitrose’s “Seriously Chocolatey” range comes this rather stylish little black box of chocolates. Inside are little balls of dark chocolate with a soft white chocolate cream and lemon filling. Unfortunately, there’s only 70g of them. That’s barely a mouthful. …

Dolfin ‘Fancy Lemon Feeling’

This is something I picked up ages ago whilst on my travels. It’s a 60% bittersweet chocolate with lemon and ginger (as you can see) and it’s a companion bar to the range I reviewed earlier this year- most of …

Elizabeth Shaw Vodka Shots

It used to be that I associated Elizabeth Shaw with Christmastime boxes of gold foil wrapped mint crisp chocolates, somewhat traditional in style and beloved of the older chocolate lover. Well it would seem that the old girl has had …

Thorntons Lemon Mousse Bar

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed a Marks & Spencer Lemon Mousse bar, when Chocablog reader Jim pointed out that Thorntons do a suspiciously similar range of bars themselves. I decided to track one down so I could do …

Chocolate Masters House of Minerva, Bath

Time for another tale of chocoincidence, choco-karma or whatever you wish to call it… Picture this, it’s a hot day in August and I’m in Bath town centre. My dodgy knee has decided it doesn’t want to play and so …

Marks & Spencer Lemon Mousse Bar

M&S seem to do a whole range of these little bars, but I didn’t pay much attention as I grabbed one from the shelf while passing through Marylebone Station. The wrapper describes the bar as “White and dark chocolate bar …

Kshocolât Lemon & Pepper White Chocolate

Last time I reviewed a Kshocolât product, I wasn’t particularly complimentary. The pretentious name and the address on the packaging “Suite 64 Glasgow G51 3TR” were my first warning signals, and the chocolate itself was extremely bland. This time, I …

Trapa Lemon Fantasy

Whilst browsing the shelves of the Corte Inglés (a well known chain of Spanish supermarkets) I came across a couple of bars made by Trapa. There are a total of five bars in their Swiss range, and this one contains …

Conscious Chocolate – The Citrus Pair

Time to review another brace of wholesome raw chocolate bars, courtesy of Emma at Conscious Chocolate. This time I chose a couple of fruity little numbers, namely the Best Ever Citrus Zest bar and the Best Ever Essential Orange bar. …
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