Konnerup White Yoghurt Chocolate With Lemon

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Konnerup White Yoghurt Chocolate With Lemon

I hadn’t heard of Konnerup before, but they are apparently a Danish chocolatier whose products aren’t that easy to get hold of in the UK. This bar came all the way from 2beans – a coffee and chocolate shop in New York. It sells in the US for $4.95 – around £3.25 – for a 50g square, so it’s priced at a similar level to many bean to bar dark chocolates.

The packaging is nice – a simple box with great typography and a small window onto the cellophane-enclosed chocolate inside, so you can see what you’re getting. My only complaint here is that the blurb on the back is written in a cursive font in yellow on pale green and is almost impossible to read unaided. I ended up having to take a macro photo and adjust the contrast to make it out. Maybe I’m just going blind in my old age.

Konnerup White Yoghurt Chocolate With Lemon

White chocolate and lemon are a fairly safe combination for confectionery fans. There’s nothing like a bit of citrus to cut through the intense sweetness of white chocolate. But sometimes the combination of tangy fruit and intense creaminess can be a bit jarring. Getting the balance right is key to a bar like this.

Konnerup White Yoghurt Chocolate With Lemon

Konnerup have also opted to add something a little different to this bar – yoghurt powder. And there is a definite yoghurty flavour to it. It’s difficult to know how much of that is from the milk powder and fruit and how much is down to the added yoghurt, but the overall effect is something a little nicer than the average flavoured white chocolate.

Konnerup White Yoghurt Chocolate With Lemon

Of course, it’s only going to appeal to you if you have a sweet tooth, and there are many who just won’t get on with a flavoured white chocolate at all. But even coming from the dark side, I found it something I could enjoy, albeit in small doses. If you love your white chocolate, this is something you’ll want to look out for.


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  1. Stuart Jackson

    can you get this in UK or has to be shipped ? that would be pricey!

  2. This bar sounds amazing. I looked the company up and can’t find where I can order it in the US and have it shipped. May have to have my Danish friend send me some.

  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I couldn’t find it for sale online anywhere. This one was bought in NYC by a friend and brought back.

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