Côte d’Or Lemon Ginger & Passion Fruit

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Côte d'Or

The selection of chocolate bars available at the non-specialist shops in town in pretty stagnant – all the usual things from the usual suspects and that’s about it.

And while it is rather nice to be able to pick up some Lindt or even Green & Black without much effort any more, it takes forever for anything new to show up. When it does, however, it sticks out like a sore thumb on the very familiar shelves so these two new, or at least new to Canada, Côte d’Or bars almost demanded to be bought and tasted. And who am I to argue with a couple of bars of chocolate which are apparently talking to me.

Cote Dor Lemon Ginger Unwrapped

Côte d’Or is making some really great chocolate these days. I always pick up their caramelized pistachio bar when I see it, and I can’t really remember being too disappointed by anything they’ve produced recently. So the prospect of a Lemon Ginger bars sounded really good to me, although the Passion Fruit variety was bought more for completeness than anything else. Like the Lindt Creation bars, these filled bars are bigger than your usual brand name bars – a satisfying 150 grams, making them a little more expensive but not ridiculously so.

These are dark chocolate bars of an undisclosed percentage, but I’m guessing no more than 60% because the flavoured filling absolutely dominates over the chocolate. The filling in both bars is much lighter both in colour and in texture – it isn’t whipped as much as a mousse filling would be, but it still melts away pretty quickly. Scattered throughout the filling are little crystals that provide more intense bursts of flavour in a way that I can’t quite decide is pleasant or not. More about that later.

The Lemon Ginger is definitely the better of the two varieties. While the ginger is the dominant aroma on unwrapping the bar, the first taste that rushes forward is lemon with the ginger being more of an accompaniment than anything else. Those who like their ginger upfront and tingly could very well be disappointed. The balance between the two flavours is handled very well until the periodic big boost of citrus from the crystals.

Cote Dor Lemon Ginger Filling

The Passion Fruit bar is big on flavour too and therein lies the problem or lack of problem. If you like passion fruit then you will like this, but it isn’t going to win anyone over with its complete and utter lack of subtlety.

Cote Dor Passion Fruit Filling

The biggest issue I have with both bars is that they have an artificial fruit flavour which is only magnified by those damn crystals. When there is so much focus on companies using more natural ingredients, I’m not quite sure why Côte d’Or would be making something that tastes so synthetic. So I’m really on the fence about these – I still managed to eat the entire bar (eventually), but I can’t see myself picking them up again anytime soon. Approach with caution.


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  1. Sophia

    I haven’t tried the passion fruit bar yet, but I actually really like the lemon/ginger one! When you eat it slowly, nibbling away, the crystals spread a nice, warm and surprising taste in your mouth. Ah well, as the Romans say: De gustibus non est disputandum 🙂

  2. Your comments on the passion fruit bar put me in mind of a German bar I reviewed a couple of years back. The fruit just annihilated the chocolate, and for me it was just too much.
    I’m liking the look of the lemon ginger though – I think Dolfin sent me something along those lines once.

  3. It’s a pity to hear that the flavors are artificial. I had seen the promotional posters for the ginger-lemon bar some time ago and I had it in my list of chocolates to try, but I dislike those with artificial fillings.

    I guess that means the Noir Orange will still be my favorite variety from Côte d’Or!

  4. Vicki Page-Clark

    Shame that you didn’t like these….however I’d still like to try them – especially the passion fruit one (I ***love*** passion fruit and chocolate, especially with darker chocolate).

    However I’ve had no luck sourcing this at all – even from my usual Côte d’Or outlets…..I’m in the UK, does anyone have any ideas? (I noticed the reviewer is in Canada, does that mean it’s not in European / UK shops yet?)

  5. Lesley Whyte

    Hi, I’ve just come back from holiday in Biarritz, and came across the Passionfruit one. I loved it! and have been trying to buy some ever since i came back home (Scotland). Anyone know of a website where i could buy online?

  6. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Lesley – I always look for places selling the chocolates we review online, but in this case I couldn’t find anything. If anyone knows of anywhere, please leave a comment!

  7. I see it’s your passion. 🙂

  8. camille zurcher

    you guys suck because you dont answer peoples question which is just a waste of time i mean seriously people use your brains and answer peoples questions!

  9. chantelle v.d.m

    hi wow that camille chick is really harsh i think you guys are awesome. anyways i have tried the passion fruit cote d’or chocolate its so nice but i cant try the lemon and ginger one because im allergic to ginger arrrrrgggg! i really want to try it to! i also see that its your passion.lolz

  10. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Of course Camille / Chantelle, you realise we can tell you’re the same person…

  11. Tash

    Lesley, I have found a website that sells Cote D’Or chocolates. I hope this helps! http://www.belgianchocs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=11_17

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