Dolfin ‘Fancy Lemon Feeling’

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Dolfin 'Fancy Lemon Feeling'

This is something I picked up ages ago whilst on my travels. It’s a 60% bittersweet chocolate with lemon and ginger (as you can see) and it’s a companion bar to the range I reviewed earlier this year- most of which I was quite complimentary about, as I recall.

Unlike many of the Dolfin bars I’ve tasted, this one contains ‘bits’. Seven percent lemon ‘bits’ to be precise. As the dark, tangy chocolate begins to melt, these tiny fragments of lemon are released onto your palate and begin adding their flavour to the mix. Lemon in chocolate isn’t something I’ve encountered too often, and based on the taste of this, I’ll be happy to try any other lemon/chocolate combination.

The addition of a subtle ginger warmth is a pleasant touch too, putting me in mind of a wintertime tea drink . The zingy, citrussy flavour compliments the dark chocolate very well indeed.

My only gripe with this bar is that the lemon pieces are plentiful and quite hard and ‘bitty’, leaving you with a mouthful of little hard lumps to tackle. They do eventually soften and break down, but after enjoying the flavours of the chocolate I personally found the mouthful of bits a little offputting. I’m used to Dolfin blending their ingredients to give a totally smooth mouthfeel, and a mouthful of fragments was mildly annoying.

Not the best Dolfin bar I’ve tasted.


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  1. Adriano

    Wow,I just love the lemon/chocolate combination!…But I agree with you,it’s annoying when all the chocolate melts up,you’re left with lots of lemon particles hanging around in your mouth…That’s the reason why I never melt this kind of chocolate with my tongue but rather finish it with my teeth till the very quick end…:)

  2. This is very interesting as we made lemon truffles for the first time for Valentines this year. They were a hit. The recipe called for the bits of lemon to be left in the ganache but our chocolatier (my wife, Sandra) decided to strain them out before putting the lemon into the ganache. The dark chocolate and lemon was a most unusual and satisfying taste though the lemon outlasted the chocolate by a few minutes. I was trying to find an ingredient to counter the lemon and ginger seems like a great solution. Can’t wait to try it!

  3. I like chewy bits of lemon like that, so this sounds like the bar is right up my alley! I have got to find this one!

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