Trapa Lemon Fantasy

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Whilst browsing the shelves of the Corte Inglés (a well known chain of Spanish supermarkets) I came across a couple of bars made by Trapa.

There are a total of five bars in their Swiss range, and this one contains black pepper and lemon granules (made from lemon juice, sugar and water) in a 55% cocoa dark chocolate ‘base’.

The chocolate is a nice dark colour, and smells very citrus. When you pop a square into your mouth you get all of the flavours right away, there’s no dominant flavour or crescendo of tastes. As soon as the chocolate starts to melt you become aware of the sweet little lemony bits – and they are quite sweet. The underlying black pepper notes never go away though, and serve well to temper some of that sweetness.

It isn’t really until the finish that the actual flavour of the chocolate manages to come through. It’s quite dark, with a good level of bittersweetness, which is probably a good thing given the sweetness of the lemon granules. (I tried my usual trick of keeping the granules in my mouth after the chocolate had gone, but found it way to sweet or my palate that way.)

Overall, I’d say this was pretty good stuff. It’s not as subtly blended as, say a Dolfin bar. Nor is the chocolate of the highest quality. However, it does fulfill the promise made on the wrapper. The combination of flavours is done well, and for that reason I’d say i twas worth trying.

Another one to keep an eye out for if you’re in Spain.


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