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Cacao Sampaka are a Spanish chocolate company, with shops in Spain, Portugal, the Middle East & Japan. They currently have an online store in the UK and I think you can expect to see more of them over here soon. I picked this particular bar up at Chocolate Unwrapped in October though.

You might be wondering how exactly you get a gin & tonic into a bar of chocolate without making a big mush. The answer it seems, is that you replicate the flavour of a gin & tonic, rather than trying to use the real thing.

This milk chocolate bar from Spain’s Cacao Sampaka contains small crystals of lemon & juniper to recreate the flavour of the drink.

The chocolate itself comes in two thin 50g slabs. It’s not the best looking chocolate I’ve ever seen, but I do like the format. Two pieces means you can share one and keep one, and the thin slab melts in the mouth and releases the flavour quickly.

Overall, the effect is pretty good. The tiny pieces of lemon just the right amount of citrus zing to cut through the milk chocolate without overpowering it too much, and although the juniper is very subtle, it does taste a little like a gin & tonic. It’s difficult to get a real guage on the quality of the chocolate itself, but this is more about the other flavours than the chocolate.

I found myself quite enjoying this bar, and it went down quite well with my friends at a Christmas party. It’s not what I’d call fine chocolate, but as a bar to nibble on I can recommend it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be available in their online store at the moment.


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  1. Jingee I’ve been making my vesiorn of this with cashew butter and sometimes with agave if no raw local honey is available and I do equal parts of all ingredients. Many times I frost fresh-out-of-the-dehydrator’ granola bars with it yummy!! Up until now I’ve used cacao, but I do have raw carob powder and am going to use that instead to compare the taste.Appreciate all your great emails!CheersTerry

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