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zChocolat Valentines Day Ruby Box

Beautifully presented Valentine's chocolates.

Valrhona Loma Sotavento 2013 Vintage

A 64% dark chocolate from the Dominican Republic.

Lindt Champs-Elysées

A Lindt selection box from Paris.

Michel Cluizel Plantation Mangaro 65%

A 65% Madagascan dark chocolate from Michel Cluizel.

zChocolat Holiday zBox

Luxury chocolates from zChocolat

Valrhona Bahibe

A 46% Dominican Republic milk chocolate.

Vietcacao Mo Cay Bến Tre

A 70% dark chocolate from Vietnamese beans.

Bonnat Apotequil

75% Peruvian Porcelana

Valrhona Advent Calendar

24 milk and dark chocolates for the Christmas countdown.

Valrhona Dulcey vs Caramac: Fight!

The launch of Valrhona's new 'blond' chocolate.

Les Chocolats de Pauline Grand Cru Tanzanie

A pure and simple organic 70% chocolate bar.

Valrhona Tanariva

A sweet, creamy milk chocolate made with Madagascan beans.

Valrhona Andoa Lait

A simple and tasty organic, fair trade chocolate from Valrhona.

Pierre Hermé Pietra Hazelnut Spread

A delicious chocolate spread with caramelised hazelnuts

Club Chocolat Français

A new chocolate club from France. But is it any good?

Michel Cluizel Selection

Fresh chocolates from one of France's top chocolatiers.

zChocolat Touché Valentine’s Chocolates

One of the most beautiful chocolate boxes we've seen.

Sadaharu Aoki Gift Box

Beautiful and chocolates that taste just as good as they look.

Sébastien Bouillet Chokola Lips

Delicious praline & caramel lips from Lyon.

Abanico Milk Chocolate Salted Caramels

Salted caramel counters from one of France's most interesting chocolatiers.

Salon Du Chocolat, Paris

Reporting from the world's largest chocolate show.

Franck Kestener Atlantique

Rich dark chocolate, shortbread and soft caramel. But this is no Twix...

Yves Thuriès Dark Chocolate With Cocoa Nibs

A dark chocolate bar with cocoa nibs from France.

Abanico Dark & Milk Assortment

Abanico Chocolat is a French chocolatier, with a shop in Paris. They were kind enough to send me a rather beautiful box of chocolates to review, which weighs in at 37 Euros. Of course, the first thing you’ll notice about …

Pralus Barre Infernale Lait

An amazing ingot of milk chocolate with a thick praline filling.

Valrhona Celaya Hot Chocolate

I confess that until I found this, I had no idea Valrhona made hot chocolate in cartons. But having seen it at the Southbank Chocolate Festival and being something of a hot chocolate fiend, I had to buy some to …

Kaoka Ecuador 80%

I want trawling through my box of chocolate waiting to be tried (as you do), and found this little gem tucked away. This is another from the Kaoka stable – again found in my local Foodland supermarket. The back of …

Jacques Genin Selection

This attractive little metal box contains nine chocolates from French patissier and chocolatier Jacques Genin. It was a gift from my lovely friend Kate, who picked it up at Salon du Chocolat in Paris the other week. I have to …

Lu Pim’s Raspberry

After my previous encounter with LU biscuits, I’d thought that was the end of the matter. So imagine my surprise when in the same supermarket recently and I found there are more “European Biscuits” to try. This time around, it’s …

Valrhona Manjari Orange

I wasn’t going to review this. Partly because Deanna has already briefly mentioned it, but mainly because it’s my comfort food. The kind of chocolate I buy to cheer myself up, rather than to tell other people about. But when …

Valrhona Guanaja 70% Couverture

70% couverture from Valrhona

La Francomtoíse De Confítureríe Apple, Coconut & Dark Chocolate Jam

A while back, I went on somewhat of a European long weekend road trip sort of thing through Spain and France. On the Saturday, we drove all day and ended up in the rather scenic town of Dijon. The next …

Lu Petit Écolier

As I was poking about in my local Foodland supermarket a few days ago, I stumbled upon LU Petit Écolier biscuits. Part of the attraction / interest was that these sell themselves as “European Biscuits”. Down here in the wide …

Pralus Tanzanie Forastero

75% Tanzanian dark chocolate from Pralus.

Valrhona Equinoxe

Coming in for the third and final part to my Valrhona goodies is Equinoxe, a range of chocolate-covered nuts and such. Being Valrhona, the packaging isn’t cheap or dull. There are three short cylinders, holding milk chocolate figs, dark chocolate …

Valrhona Les Grands Crus

Here is the second out of three installments of Valrhona offererings from my generous package. The entire Grands Crus range, minus the already-reviewed Jivara, is here. Sometimes it’s just so difficult being a Chocablogger… I like that Valrhona doesn’t stick …

Valrhona Estate Grown and Grand Cru Flavored Bars

This fall, Valrhona launched their online shop in the U.S.; I’ve received a sampling of what you can find there. All very welcome to me as I’ve only had Valrhona once. First up are these three Estate Grown bars, all …

Galler Langues de Chats

So, having established Jean Galler as a purveyor of fine quality chocolate and a man not afraid to experiment with unusual flavours and product design, I receive another sample box. (I have come to recognise the boxes, as I am …

Klaus ‘Poire William’

Here’s something of an oddity – French Chocolate with a German name containing Williams Pear Liqueur. Pear and chocolate is less of an oddity than it used to be, and that’s mainly due to European offerings like this one. I’m …

Valrhona Palmira Venezuelan 2007

From Valrhona comes this bar of Venezuelan Chocolate made with 64% Criollo beans from a small plantation near Lake Maracaibo. I believe it’s the first chocolate I have had which has had a vintage on it rather than a sell …

Galler Kaori

There are a lot of ‘art’ connotations with chocolate. We talk of the art of the chocolatier, I’ve seen sculptural displays of chocolates in Qatar, and there are even paintings made with chocolate in a gallery in Prague. So how …

Kaoka Noir Orange

I really am most impressed with my local Foodland store. They only opened recently, but the range of chocolate is most impressive. Not only do they carry the usual range from Cadbury, Nestlé, and so on, but they also have …

Klaus Noir Piment D’Espelette Pamplemousse

It’s been a short while since I tackled anything a bit wacky, and a quick rummage through the inbox unearthed this little gem – a French dark chocolate bar (51% cocoa) containing Espelette Chilli pepper and Grapefruit. I have already …

Michel Cluizel Grand Noir 85%

Returning to French chocolatier Michel Cluizel, we have this 85% bar with origins in South America, Africa, and Java, its black box accented with red instead of green. The chocolate has a good and thick cocoa flavor. I know some …

Valrhona Jivara Squares

Rich milk chocolate from Valrhona.

Carrefour Noir Poire

From French supermarket chain Carrefour and by way of Doha, Qatar, this 64% cocoa bar with pear and caramelised almonds caught my eye while I was over there last December. It’s rare to see pear chocolate, and certainly in bar …

Côte d’Or Sesame Noir 70%

My friend Ashleigh and his lovely wife Marie have recently returned from taking their two sons on a four week European holiday. Now, to you US, UK and European readers bear in mind that such a trip from Australia is …

Bonnat 100% Cacao

After my affair of devouring the Pralus 100%, I naively thought that I would enjoy any other 100% at least almost equally. Alas, I forgot two very important points. One, Pralus is a master chocolatier and therefore has exceptional products. …

Bonnat Trinité 75%

When I saw this bar, it struck me as a pretty thing, but with some obvious seriousness. The chocolate doesn’t really carry on the “pretty” look, though. The first thing that came to my mind from its boxiness was a …

Valrhona Jivara Lait

I’ve been doing Chocablog for nearly two and a half years now, and one of the things that still surprises me is that there are still many, fairly large chocolate companies that we haven’t even talked about. Valrhona is one …

Troyes: Cité du Chocolat – Part Deux

As I was getting ready to leave the shop, my new best friend informed me that the ‘Champion du Monde’ had a shop just around the corner. The World Champion? The BEST chocolates available anywhere? Too good to be true! …

Troyes: Cité du Chocolat?

As we drove back through France after three weeks on the road, I suggested a lunch stop in Troyes to my colleague. He agreed, and we pulled in off the motorway, leaving behind torrential rain. Perhaps the brilliant sunshine was …

Pralus Le 100% Criollo

Chocolate. I think one of the amazing things about it is that there are so manh kinds that all fall under that one word. Like this bar. If you ever come across someone who doubts that chocolate is like falling …

Nestlé Double Header

Coeur de Caramel au Beurre Demi-Sel & Coeur de Nougat How interesting to find Kath singing the praises of a Nestlé bar the day I decide to review these two offerings from France (bought in Spain, as it happens). Nestlé’s …

Bovetti Organic Dark Chocolate with Seaweed

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered since I began writing for Chocablog, it’s that modern chocolatiers love to experiment with texture and flavour. Alas, it’s still the case that continental chocolate makers seem to have the upper hand when it …
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