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I’ll say it straight out. This is the prettiest chocolate box I’ve ever received. By far.

It’s also the first time I’ve ever been sent chocolates in a solid mahogany box. Finished with a gold heart and a brass clasp, and wrapped in a beautiful cloth bag, I don’t think you could hope to find a better example of stylish packaging.

Inside the amazing looking box is a gold lined lid and two simple card boxes containing the chocolates themselves. zChocolat have a wide range of options to choose from, but mine contains an assortment of 12 chocolate hearts on the top layer and 15 signature milk, white and dark chocolates on the bottom.

Looking at the website, there are a variety of customisation options available for the packaging, including an optional engraved brass plate, USB key and even a concierge delivery service. This is how to make a real impact on Valentine’s Day.

The chocolates are handmade in Aix-en-Provence in France by chocolatier Pascal Caffet and shipped worldwide by DHL. Mine arrived promptly and in perfect condition.

I’m not going to go into lengthy description of the individual chocolates, as frankly there’s too many. Included with the box is what amounts to a small, glossy paperback book with photos and descriptions of each of the chocolates in English, French and Spanish, along with a short biography of Pascal.

They’re made from 70% Venezuelan dark and 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate, and helpfully the signature truffles (which all look the same) have numbers on them, so you can easily tell what’s what. As you’d expect with French chocolates, there’s lots of pralines and nuts along with some ganaches and a caramel.

There’s no really unusual or challenging flavour combinations, but each chocolate is very well made and very tasty.

So you’ve decided this would make an excellent Valentine’s gift and you’d like to know how much they cost, right? Well, this box of 27 chocolates will set you back a cool £100. That makes them one of the most expensive boxes of chocolates I’ve ever had. If you go for all the optional packaging and delivery extras, you can expect to pay closer to £150.

So this is not your average Valentine’s gift. For the average person, something like Matcha Chocolat’s selection is better value. But if your budget can handle it and you really want to make an impact, this selection will leave your loved one with a beautiful mahogany jewellery box that will forever remind them of how thoughtful (and rich) you are.


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  1. The box looks nice – but overall the price sounds quite dear! I do love wooden boxes! I have a collection of small ones – and also I’ve still got some wooden cases that bottles of wine came in! And they’re not half as lovely as this box.

  2. Like you, I was recently treated to a box of zChocolates. I agree. It is definitely the most elegant box of chocolates I have ever received, and the chocolates were indeed, very good. I was however, disappointed that there wasn’t a more exciting range of flavours. My box contained the full Z collection ranging from Z to 22. Too many of them were similar, and I longed for something that would really knock my socks off. I didn’t get it, but indeed, I am left with a beautiful personalized box that I will cherish forever.

  3. Amber

    I’d want to pay 100 pounds for chocolate because___________?
    I’m only 16 (but I love chocablog)

  4. Ben

    I have to agree, I think £100 is a bit steep for some Valentine’s chocolates, sadly I don’t think my other half would be stretching to that for me. They do look fabulous though…

  5. Kit

    I discovered their site recently too and was wishing that a box would wing its way to me, so I could try them – very envious! It’s very expensive but would make a huge impression as a gift if money were no object.

  6. Mulugeta

    You guys are lucky to talk about the taste of the chocolates which you have been delivered. I have ordered two boxes and I couldn’t receive them in three weeks time. It’s really frustrating. I feel like I have ordered regret and anger on my own money … that is what I told to my fb friends. What a pity.

  7. Carol

    I’ve never seen such beautifully presented chocolates … wow.

  8. stacey

    Horrible service. I ordered a Mother’s Day gift for my mom since I couldn’t make it home. It was supposed to be delivered the Thursday before Mother’s Day. I just got off the phone with the shipping company and yeah they now show delivery on Wednesday after Mother’s Day. What the heck. Thanks a lot for nothing. I paid extra for express delivery. Even with summer packaging the chocolate will be crap after sitting in shipping for a freaking week. I’m posting fraud on my order through my credit card. I will never use ZChocolat again

  9. Mark

    I feel like Stacey and Mulugeta above. I tried sending a box of their chocolates as a Christmas present to a friend in Mexico and it never arrived. I only chose them because they had a webpage “guaranteeing” delivery in Guadalajara within three days. Their guarantee meant absolutely nothing and they had the nerve to tell me they don’t make guarantees, even though it’s still there on their site. Two days after Christmas they told me she needed an “import license” to receive it. They offered me a free “concierge call” to let her know that she wouldn’t be receiving her gift (how nice of them!). An awful experience.

  10. zChocolat Customer Service

    Thank you everyone for taking the time to give your feedback regarding zChocolat.com customer service, whether it is positive or negative, we learn from our mistakes. We have been able to retrieve your orders back in our system and have noticed that we have offered an immediate solution to Stacy & Mark. I am sorry however, but we were not able to find an order from Mulugeta. We invite you to contact us at zcontact@zchocolat.com in order to find a solution if this was not yet done. Our customer’s satisfaction is our priority! Thank you for your understanding and your trust. Wishing you a pleasant day.

  11. Soner cakir

    Great chocolate,top quality but never order it for a special occasion because never arrives on time.

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