Galler Langues de Chats

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Galler 'Langues de Chats'

So, having established Jean Galler as a purveyor of fine quality chocolate and a man not afraid to experiment with unusual flavours and product design, I receive another sample box. (I have come to recognise the boxes, as I am sure whoever sends them now knows my address by heart.)

Of course, I had seen these on the Galler website and in their catalogue, but nonetheless I couldn’t help but smile at first sight.

Galler 'Langues de Chats'

Just what is going on here? Is that professorial Belgian I saw in the Kaori video actually a Nutty Professor? My view of Galler as a maker of elegant and unusual chocolate products was being challenged here.

These ‘Langues de Chats’ (a pun in itself. ‘Langues de Chats ‘ are a French biscuit.) come in white, milk and dark chocolate and I had been sent a tin of ‘large dark ones and a tiny tin of 6 little milk chocolate ones. The milk ones were given to a friend’s children with a demand for one word from each of them to describe the taste. ‘Yummy’ ‘Creamy’ and ‘Lovely’ were duly offered.

This tin contained 18 dark chocolate, praline filled ‘Langues’, each of which continued the comic cat theme to the last.

Galler 'Langues de Chats'

As you can see, the tin is a generous addition – definitely made to keep after all of the contents are long deceased. Each ‘Langue’ is individually wrapped – excelllent for little treats or stocking fillers perhaps?

Galler 'Langues de Chats'

Once I’d finished grinning back at the crazy cat face, it was time to attack.

Galler 'Langues de Chats'

Now that’s a ‘Langue de Chat’.

As you can see, the Praline filling is a rich, creamy confection which is the colour of gingerbread. It’s loaded with deep, buttery nuttiness and compliments the lightly flavoured 70% cocoa dark chocolate coating perfectly. I’m not sure these would appeal to younger palates very much, but slightly older children might find themselves deserting sweeter, less heallthy chocolate. As a novelty gift, possibly for those who still prefer their dark chocolate adulerated or on the lighter side, they’re a good choice. However, at almost 50p per chocolate they’re probably likely to be a gift rather than an indulgence.

If you’re looking for something ‘a bit different’ for a present for someone (particularly someone who likes cats) then look no further. I would hope that these flavours are available elsewhere in the Galler range, because otherwise there might be a lot of people who never get to taste them.


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