Abanico Dark & Milk Assortment

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Abanico Chocolat is a French chocolatier, with a shop in Paris. They were kind enough to send me a rather beautiful box of chocolates to review, which weighs in at 37 Euros.

Of course, the first thing you’ll notice about them is the packaging. Slide the purple sleeve off the box and you’re presented with a multicoloured fan of chocolates.

Each layer has a different kind of chocolate (dark ganache, milk ganache, dark praline & milk praline), and although they’re all the same size and shape, every chocolate is different. In fact, this collection represents Abanico’s entire range.

I just love the way these are presented. Not only is the box beautiful, but it’s also incredibly practical. The layers are simply bolted together, so bigger and smaller boxes can be created simply by adding or removing layers. Fan the layers out and each layer has a little card telling you what the chocolate underneath is.

Of course, my French isn’t very good, so I went for the ‘stuff them all in my mouth and see which ones I like’ option. The answer was ‘all of them’.

The flavours are typically French. Subtle and sophisticated rather than experimental. Everything is excited with a wonderful attention to detail, and the flavours – while not exotic or challenging – are perfectly balanced.

I’m not going to go into detail on every flavour – partly because many of them are so similar, but mainly because I scoffed them all before I’d even thought about translating the text on the box. Suffice to say they’re beautiful and delicious. Definitely worth seeking out – and they’ll happily deliver across Europe, so you’ve really no excuse.


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  1. Il y a plein d’excellents chocolatiers en France comme D’lys couleurs et sa livraison de chocolat en 24 h

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