Valrhona Bahibe

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Valrhona Bahibe

I saw these newly redesigned Valrhona bars at The Speciality & Fine Food Fair earlier this month, but didn’t manage to try any. Thankfully, Valrhona took pity on me and sent me a few samples to try, including this high cocoa content milk chocolate that I’d not tried before.

Valrhona Bahibe is a 46% milk chocolate made with beans from the Dominican Republic and is named after the Bayahibe Rose, a cactus flower that grows there.

Valrhona Bahibe

As you can see, it’s a great looking bar of chocolate. Valrhona tend to make their chocolate in a variety of different formats, depending on the target market. These 70gram bars are clearly aimed at the consumer market, and they’ve done a really good job with the design. Both the packaging and the bar feel like a quality product.

The milk chocolate is slightly matt in appearance. Perhaps not as glossy as I would expect, but still very well finished.

Valrhona Bahibe

For a 46% milk chocolate, it’s surprisingly sweet and creamy. If you had to guess blind, you might think it was closer to 36%. But it’s also very well balanced. Neither the sugar or milk overpower the warm chocolate notes. It’s not a particularly complex chocolate though. The tasting notes on the pack claim an “essence of nut, enhanced by a fruity acidity”, but I think that may be pushing it a little.

What you have here is a very enjoyable, creamy & comforting milk chocolate that will disappear in no time.


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  1. I am regaining my love for milk chocolate lately

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