Klaus ‘Poire William’

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Klaus 'Poire William'

Here’s something of an oddity – French Chocolate with a German name containing Williams Pear Liqueur.

Pear and chocolate is less of an oddity than it used to be, and that’s mainly due to European offerings like this one. I’m happy to report that this particular combination has none of he ‘pear drop’ artificiality that might have been an issue.

The milk chocolate (cocoa content undisclosed) is fairly run of the mill stuff – pleasant enough but unremarkable. The addition of the liqueur obviously means that any subtlety of flavour that the chocolate may have had (and if they’re not telling us how much cocoa it contains then it’s unlikely to have been THAT sophisticated) is overridden by the stronger fruit/alcohol pairing.

It’s… well, it’s okay. Something a bit different to bring home from your travels, which is exactly what it was. Certainly not worth repeating.


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