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One of my favourite chocolate discoveries of the year was Abanico, the French chocolatier founded by Victoire Finaz. I had the pleasure of meeting Victoire last week at Salon du Chocolat where she gave me this rather attractive box of salted caramels.

The caramels come in the same distinctive packaging as the assortment I reviewed in May. Underneath the stylish purple sleeve is a layered box which fans out (“abanico” is Spanish for “fan”) to reveal the chocolates underneath.

Each layer has layer contains 12 chocolates, meaning you get 24 in this 90g box.

The chocolates themselves are thin counters of milk chocolate with just enough room inside for a small amount of salted caramel. In truth, packaging small chocolates in this way is probably not particularly efficient, but they do look good, and the box completely protects the chocolates from any damage – something that’s very important if you’re buying them as a gift.

The milk chocolate is quite sweet and creamy, but still very more-ish. I think this is partly down to the small size of the chocolates. One chocolate is never quite enough, and even if you try to restrain yourself, it’s all too easy to eat a whole layer in a matter of minutes.

Like the chocolate, the caramel is also sweet, but there’s so little of it that each chocolate you eat makes you crave another, just to get a bit more of the soft, sweet centre.

Overall, I personally prefer the variety and substance of the milk & dark Abanico assortment I reviewed previously, but these are still very, very nice. In fact my only real complaint is that they’re perhaps a little too addictive, and that beautiful box is empty before you know it!

Video Interview

If you’re interested in knowing more about Abainco, here’s the interview we did for World Chocolate Guide with Victoire Finaz, founder of Abanico.


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