Klaus Noir Piment D’Espelette Pamplemousse

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Klaus Pamplemousse

It’s been a short while since I tackled anything a bit wacky, and a quick rummage through the inbox unearthed this little gem – a French dark chocolate bar (51% cocoa) containing Espelette Chilli pepper and Grapefruit.

I have already encountered the Espellette pepper in some of Stainer’s chocolate, so I was well aware that this might prove to be a bit on the fiery side.

As it turned out I wasn’t far wrong. An initial zingy citrus moment as your taste buds encounter the ‘lumps with grapefruit’ is very closely followed by sweet chocolate. Hot on the heels of the chocolate (and yes, the pun was intended) comes a wave of deep warming chilli, which persists right until you’ve nibbled the last of the grapefruit lumps. The finish is all grapefruit and chilli, with the citrus flavour cleansing the palate as the chilli dies down.

As far as the chocolate goes, it’s fairly unremarkable stuff. A very average medium strength dark chocolate. The addition of the chilli and grapefruit make it more interesting, but aside from it being the only time I’ve had a grapefruit/chocolate combination it wouldn’t be something I’d buy again.

After all, painting racing stripes on a donkey and giving it a pair of sunglasses doesn’t make it a better donkey, does it?


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  1. Great closing line, Simon. Pity about the chocolate. 🙂

  2. I agree with Shady. Still, as a very silly person, I couldn’t help but thinking that anything called ‘Pamplemousse’ would be worth a try…

  3. Oh I don’t know – we all know red cars go faster, and red with racing stripes even faster again 🙂

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