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After my affair of devouring the Pralus 100%, I naively thought that I would enjoy any other 100% at least almost equally. Alas, I forgot two very important points. One, Pralus is a master chocolatier and therefore has exceptional products. Two, no matter the percentage, chocolate can still be incredibly different since there are so many factors contributint to its taste and then to how each person likes it.

Doing a little research, Bonnat also seems to be fairly high up in the chocolate world, but they also seem to have a different approach. Dark, intense, biting. Their 75% Trinité was so dark, I guess I should have known.

This bar looks exactly the same as that one, but smells more flavorful and has a bit of spice. And it’s BITTER. Instead of lessening as it melts, it actually becomes more intense. And more. The spicy note stayed, reminding me not just a little of the Aztec Warrior elixir.

I couldn’t handle it. My mouth and nose scrunched up. After two pieces, I just had to find something else to put in my mouth to take out that sting. So what can I say? I know that some people adore this bar, but I (who loved another 100%, so my problem isn’t there) don’t. It may be the origin of the cacao beans. I can’t find the origin for these, but Pralus used the less-bitter Crillo beans. For whatever reason, I’ve now truly learned how different chocolate can be. Pralus at least succeeded in a bar that more people will enjoy. Only consider Bonnat’s if you have a taste for bitter. I’m not sure I can apply the word to anything else right now.


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  1. Maybe I have a taste for bitter – I didn’t find the Bonnat 100% bitter at all; just very dry. In fact, I found the first moments in the mouth almost sweet.

    However, I wouldn’t dream of eating more than one or perhaps two pieces: I’m not surprised you couldn’t continue!

    Now, Lindt 99% – that I thought really was bitter…

  2. cocoa

    Unlike your Hershey’s review and your unwanted attack on my spelling and the unwanted attack on the great American chocolate bar. I would like to say good job on this review. This is how you should write. I knew what you were saying and what you meant.It should be the origin of the cacao beans and the way they are processing there product is what I have found in the industry. Kudos for a very good insightful review. If only you would have done the same to the Hershey bar

  3. Unlike you who started out with the Pralus 100%, I was a bit unlucky, making a random choice and going with the Domori Puro 100% for my first pure cacao bar. For me as a first timer it was literally un-eatable, despite being used to other bitter chocolates.

    Trying other Domori bars later I found that this very powerful taste is actually the Domori trademark and the same notes were instantly recognizable in 70% bars as well. Hopefully the Pralus 100% I have in waiting is more palatable to me 🙂

  4. cred

    This chocolat is actually my favourite one, and having finished one bar in a few nights I’m trying to figure out where to get it again.
    Compared to other 100% chocolats (right now I’ve got the Domori 100% next to me) I find it neither bitter nor dry: so the best 100% chocolate to eat not only in very small doses.

  5. LEI

    I’d prolly wanna try that for some hot cocoa!

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