Franck Kestener Atlantique

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Franck Kestener is a French chocolatier with shops in Sarreguemines and Paris. This innocent looking block was brought back for me by the lovely Jennifer on a recent trip to France.

But the simple, solid looking block of 66% Venezuelan dark chocolate holds a secret.

Hidden inside there is a thin layer of crunchy shortbread, topped with a generous helping of soft and gooey fleur de sel caramel.

Basically, it’s a really posh Twix.

It’s almost impossible to break apart along the lines of the chunks, partly because of the layer of shortbread inside, and partly because as soon as you do break it, the caramel starts to flow out. It turns out, the only sensible way to eat this is in one go. On your own. Without sharing.

Much as I love sharing chocolate with friends, this really is one of those bars that’s too good to let others near. If you are lucky enough to come into possession of one, then I recommend keeping it to yourself.

The flavours and textures work perfectly together. The rich dark chocolate complements the sweetness and touch of salt in the caramel, and the gooeyness works great with the crunch of the shortbread.

But it’s far, far too easy to eat, and this 75g bar disappeared in a matter of seconds. And now I just want more.


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  1. It was a struggle to give one away! The first time I tried to bring one back for you – last April – I ended up eating it myself! 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed it, it’s definitely in my top five favourite chocolate bars of all time.

  2. Good on you:) I love twix

  3. oh yes!!!! this is definitely NOT for sharing!!! I had it once and i’m still dreaming of it!!! truly THE best chocolate I EVER had!!!

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