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This attractive little metal box contains nine chocolates from French patissier and chocolatier Jacques Genin. It was a gift from my lovely friend Kate, who picked it up at Salon du Chocolat in Paris the other week.

I have to confess to not knowing a lot about Jacques Genin or his creations, and as there’s no actual information on (or in) the box, I’m not going to go into detail about each chocolate, but rather give an overall impression.

The presentation is first class. The box is beautiful, and certainly something I’ll want to keep and reuse. It’s been made so that nine chocolates fit perfectly inside without any extra packing, beyond some stylish wax paper.

The chocolates inside are simple enrobed squares with an edible transfer on top, in a similar style to Lauden’s beautiful chocolates.

Inside, the chocolates are simple ganaches, so all look very similar. The fillings are all fresh and smooth, but quite firm.

Several of the chocolates feature herbs and spices as the predominant flavour, which isn’t always my favourite thing in the world. One thing that I’m particularly not fond of is jasmine (I think it tastes like soap), so I wasn’t over the moon to find it in the first chocolate I tried. Overall though, the flavours were subtle and well chosen.

This is a beautiful and sophisticated selection, presented immaculately, but for me the flavours lack a little bit of the flair and creativity of some of the British chocolatiers (Lauden, Demarquette) who produce chocolates in a similar style. Worth seeking out if you’re in the area, but unless you’re particularly into chocolate flavoured with herbs and spices, probably not worth a trip to Paris for.


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  1. susan

    This is sort of a random request, but do you remember what the flavors were in the box? I just received a box from a friend and I have a horrible nut allergy, but would be so sad if I couldn’t try them

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