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Chocolate. I think one of the amazing things about it is that there are so manh kinds that all fall under that one word. Like this bar. If you ever come across someone who doubts that chocolate is like falling in love, please refer them to a 100% bar. They’ll be unable to betray such a love.

With both delight and caution I approached my second Pralus bar. Underneath its wrapper (this time not so crooked), it greets you with an enchantingly bitter smell. The first piece is also bitter on your tongue, with the kind of bitterness that stings. But about halfway through, a cool, sweet flavor ushers in the gentler part of the journey. Despite being dark, this is quite a fresh bar. The first piece can be a little difficult, but it’s much more amiable after that. I usually stop at one or two pieces, but this bar kept calling to me. The relationship between it and my mouth wasn’t ready to come to an end, just when it was becoming most tender. Instead, I finished one of the columns of four.

This bar was different from a 98% I once had. That one had the usual flavor notes of this or that, but this one, well, tasted more holy like chocolate. Er, I mean, wholly.

Not to the faint-hearted, but rather the tender-hearted, I recommend this loving chocolate or another 100% that you find. And we all have a little tenderness, don’t we? If it’s hidden for the moment, don’t worry: I’ve found that Pralus makes me very happy.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Ooh, our first 100% bar!

  2. You are an excellent reviewer! Excellent description of the candy flavor! I felt like a truly understood how this candy would taste.
    Thank you!

  3. Simon

    … but not the last.

  4. Kath (Chocablog Staff)

    ….I am now going to search for a 100% bar here in OZ. There must be one hiding somewhere, surely? Anyone??

  5. Danny

    Kath, and all of you looking to find this luxuriant pure chocolate bar: Your prayers have been answered. I frequently shop at for dark chocolate. I just purchased one of these bars yesterday. Bonnat is considered among the best, as is Pralus. Other names to look out for: Amano, Amedi, Domori, Michel Cluizel. These are just a few of the best names to start with. Bear in mind that you will pay top dollar for chocolate from these manufacturers. Some of the prices may astound you (Bonnat has a bar for close to $22!), but you will absolutely taste every last penny when once you eat it. In general, bars from these manufacturers cost between $7-$10 (some cheaper), but I am someone who believes that you get what you pay for. I am sure the owner of this beautiful website will agree that chocolate is the one area where this axiom holds perhaps the greatest truth. Amedi can get more costly; I have seen some of their chocolate bars in the $15 range, but make no mistake: Eating dark chocolate is a hobby; once you start, there is a whole world that opens up. I believe dark chocoholics spend many leisurely hours researching, reviewing, and investigating new bars to try. If your vices are few, consider making chocolate one them. I am certain that other vices, if any, are as healthy and pure. In the immortal words of Dagoba Chocolatiers “Your body can go without food, but your soul needs chocolate!”

  6. Shaun

    Chocosphere may have a great selection, but they don’t ship to Australia.

    I managed to get a good selection of 100% bars from Chocospere to Australia (though a shipping redirection service), but the quality was very poor and most of the bars were inedible (I have no idea if the bars I tried are good or not when fresh).

    Chocolate does not fly long distances well.

    The best way for Aussies to get hold of bar or two of Pralus Le 100% is to get it shipped overnight from Monty’s Chocolates in Qld. He’s the only importer in Australia and it’s horribly expensive.

    My wife and I don’t eat chocolate with sugar in it and the Le 100% is (by far) the best pure chocolate bar we have found. We now purchase it from I find it a bit strange that we can get it shipped to WA cheaper from the UK than from Qld, but anyway.

    Savarin’s is fantastic to deal with and has really helped us find the best ways to get the Pralus to us in the best condition possible. The bulk price works out to be about the same as Chocosphere, but the quality is far superior.

    If only Savarin’s had the other 100% bars too… *sigh*

    * The Michel Cluizel Noir Infini 99% bars are much easier to find and can be sourced in Aus much more easily. It’s ridiculously expensive for such a small bar and because it’s not as good as the Pralus, we don’t buy it.

    The Lindt 99% can also be found in the eastern states, but it tastes like trash and I can’t bear it.

  7. Shaun–

    You are so right about the Noir Infini. I had the Cluizel 99% and although I liked it, the “like” had a small, self-conscious undercurrent of “I am liking this because it’s a challenge, which means that it’s actually slightly unpleasant.”

    The Pralus 100%, on the other hand, was a revelation.

  8. Nick Mailer

    Rich, creamy and – after it melts on your upper palate – subtly sweet! It tastes like you wish a mug of cocoa would taste, but rarely does.

    And, without sugar, it’s literally a health food!

  9. Sandra

    Holy moly.. you described my experience with the 100% cocoa Pralus bar, perfectly!! It was just simply a heavenly treat to my tastebuds lol soo good =)

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