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Niederegger Loaf of the Year Hazelnut Toffee

A chocolate covered marzipan loaf from Niederegger.

Galaxy Vegan Chocolate

A look at Galaxy's new range of vegan milk chocolate alternatives.

Vanini Organic Uganda Range

A range of Italian bars featuring organic cocoa from Uganda.

Amedei High Cocoa & Prendimé Range

Amedei's Acero 95% and Toscano 90% and Prendimé bars.

Naive Chocolate Covered Blueberries, Strawberries & Hazelnuts

Freeze dried fruit & nuts covered in chocolate.

William Curley Hazelnut & Raisin Caramel Bar

A recreation of the Cadbury Picnic

The Chocolate Tree Gianduja

A rich & roasted ginduja bar.

Corné Port-Royal Dark Chocolate With Dried Fruit

Chunky fruit & nut chocolate from Belgium.

Naive Encyclopedia Of Chocolate

A collection of bean to bar chocolates that everyone should own.

Zotter Monte Limar

Bean-to-bar chocolate with a nougat filling.

TCHO Artisan Confections

Filled chocolates from bean-to-bar chocolate maker TCHO.

Laima Cranberry & Hazelnut

Dark chocolate from Latvia

Richart Heart To Heart Valentines Collection

Valentines chocolate hearts from Richart.

Cacao Prieto Selection

A Brooklyn-based bean to bar chocolate maker.

Fazer Geisha

Milk chocolate with a hazelnut filling.

Vivani Ganznuss

Organic milk chocolate with hazelnuts

Pierre Hermé Pietra Hazelnut Spread

A delicious chocolate spread with caramelised hazelnuts

Zotter Christmas Crackling

Christmas flavours wrapped in Zotter chocolate.

Poco Dolce Bittersweet Chocolate Bars

Time for the last items from the package from San Francisco’s Poco Dolce, and there isn’t a bit of their delicious, delicious toffee anywhere to be seen. Instead, their Bittersweet Bars blend together their chocolate with some interesting ingredients. Like …

Pralus Barre Infernale Lait

An amazing ingot of milk chocolate with a thick praline filling.

Ritter Sport Selection Part 2

Taking a look at the first half of Ritter Sport bars I received, my views were favorable. The second half, however, I am not finding so enjoyable. Three of these bars contain nuts; two are dark chocolate. Working on the …

Lindt Grandeur 34% Hazelnuts

I don’t believe this is an entirely new Lindt product, but as I don’t remember seeing it before and as it features one of my favorite chocolate combinations, hazelnut, it had to come along home with me. Being milk chocolate, …

Galler Bouchées Pralinées

More from the Galler stable, this time in the shape of a more orthodox selection of milk chocolate pralines. Inside the long, thin tin you’ll find these. Perhaps it has something to do with the order in which I came …

Gut Springenheide Real Eggshell

In the aisles of holiday goods, this Easter egg caught my eye — hazelnut truffle in a real eggshell? That’s a new one for me. It was three or four dollars, but looked very pretty, so I had to try …

Galler Mendiants

When I received this tube of Mendiants from Galler, my first question (and probably one you’ve already asked) was “What are Mendiants then?” Luckily the answers are online (as ever) and so I quote from Wikipedia: “A mendiant is a …

Meiji Fran Whipps ‘Deep Bitter Chocolate’

Another Meiji product and this time it has a distinctly more sophisticated feel to it than Kinoko No Yama ot Takenoko No Sato. The packaging is beautifully explanatory, and the contents didn’t disappoint – they were exactly like the picture. …

Vivani Praliné

I’m having one of those days. Trying to write software that runs on different versions of Windows – and I’ve hit a stumbling block in Vista. As it seems, one does. The Chinese curse applies doubly so to Windows Vista: …

Hotel Chocolat Magnificent Heart

Another heart-shaped Hotel Chocolat product for Valentines, and this time it’s a 70% cocoa dark chocolate creation studded with fruit and nuts. Before we continue with this, I feel I ought to pout this particular item into perspective. Yes, it’s …

Thorntons Hazelnut & Raisin

Another Thornton’s block has arrived on my doorstep. Sometimes I think these things are breeding and attempting to take over the world, the range is so big. This one is a 32% Madagascan milk chocolate with hazelnut & raisin in …

Hotel Chocolat Fruit & Nuts Milk Slab

Slab time again! This 500g beauty from Hotel Chocolat is made with 40% cocoa solids milk chocolate, hazelnuts (8%), sultanas (5%) and cranberries (2%). That may not seem like a lot of fruit and nuts, but hazelnuts and cranberries don’t …

Lindt Classic Raisin & Nuts

A box with chocolate inside is a wonderful thing to find at your door when you get up in the morning, even if it’s already expected. In my excitement, I had to get the photo shoot done and try some …

Pesek Zman White

Pesek Zman is an old favourite of mine. It’s usually presented as a single, narrow bar of flat chocolate squares filled with wafer and hazelnut cream. On a recent visit to Israel, I discovered that apart from the growing assortment …

Camille Bloch Torino / Torino Noir

Note: For another opinion, you can find Ashleigh’s review of the milk chocolate Torino here. Apparently in the 1940s there was a new development in the world of confectionery machinery that allowed creamier, softer fillings to be inserted inside chocolate …

Wawel Gorzka Krakowska

I was in my favourite shop for finding strange chocolaty things, and turned up the Wawel Gorzka Krakowska. Just the name is appealing: GORZKA! Say that a few times drawing it out. Sounds like the name of a gangster or …

Arnott’s Tim Tam Sweet Surrender

As most of you know, Arnott’s Tim Tam chocolate biscuits are huge in Australia, but every now and then they try and release some new flavours that taste chemical-laden and ordinary; and die a marketing death never to appear on …

Galaxy Amicelli

Hazelnut praline filled wafer sticks covered in Galaxy milk chocolate.

Venchi ‘Cuba’ Praline Cigar

Here’s something a little unusual, and certainly one up on the sweet cigarettes we used to have as kids. One hundred grams of dark and milk chocolate with a praline filling, made by Venchi (purveyors of inedible Absinthe chocolate). Certainly …

Ferrero Rondnoir

Dark chocolate and almond balls of joy.

Emily’s Cherry Hazelnuts and Cranberry Almonds

Continuing with Emily’s Chocolates, we have these two red boxes. The first is half cherries and half hazelnuts; the second is half cranberries and half almonds. They’re all covered in a sweet dark chocolate with a vanilla flavor this time. …

Hotel Chocolat Caramel Sweethearts

Well Valentine’s Day is coming up again and that can only mean more weird and wonderful creations from Hotel Chocolat! I’m starting with the simplest of the three sample products they’ve sent us this year. Caramel Sweethearts are “two-bite” pieces …

Delaviuda Chocolate Leche Truffles

You don’t come across much Spanish chocolate in the U.S., or maybe in any country, even if they are the ones credited with “discovering” chocolate. This company is named Delaviuda “Of the Widow” because after Manuel Lopez died in 1927, …

Theo Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch

I’ve now officially decided that I love the 3400 Phinney Chocolate Factory range. It’s wonderful. I was curious, though, how they would handle my friend hazlenut, again worried that I wouldn’t like it so much with “crunch.” Sure enough, this …

World Market Crunchy Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

I love World Market. Lately, they’ve been adding their own products to those that they sell. I’ve yet to try their chocolate bars, but their Hazelnut Cocoa Spread has been a friend of mine for a while now. But when …

Kinder Bueno White

More white chocolate on Chocablog! What is the world coming to?? Kinder Bueno White is, as you may have guessed, the white chocolate version of the rather tasty Kinder Bueno, which we reviewed back in 2006. There are two main …

Lindt Wafer

There I was, feet firmly planted in the Dark Side, feeling happy with my choice, secure with my tastes, minding my own business. Then all of a sudden my beady eyes fixated on the most sign most sought after and …

Hachez Bits ‘n Fits Espresso

The English language is a wonderful thing, especially when manipulated by non-native speakers (witness the hilarious engrish.com if you need to know more). Whilst in Germany some time ago (these have been languishing in a compartment of my fridge for …

Lacta Lov’it Waffle ‘n’ Praline

I recently spent a couple of days in Athens, and of course any trip abroad instantly turns into a chance to hunt for new and unusual bars to bring to your attention. After all, most of us holiday at some …

KitKat Senses

Other countries may get new KitKat varieties on a daily basis, but here in the UK it’s been a while since we’ve seen any new flavours. So I was pleasantly surprised when my routine scan of the local sweet shop …

Conscious Chocolate – The Hot Stuff

As I have ten Conscious Chocolate bars to get through (I know, poor old me) I thought it might be fair to group them for ease of reviewing and to save space on the site. This first pair are the …

Ritter Sport White Whole Hazelnuts

White chocolate with hazelnut.

Ritter Sport Rum Raisins Hazelnuts

Milk chocolate with rum, raisins and hazelnuts
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