Ritter Sport Rum Raisins Hazelnuts

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Ritter Sport Rum Raisin HazelnutYou could be forgiven for thinking Chocablog is slowly morphing into some kind of ‘Ritter Blog’, given that we (er… I…) have already reviewed five varieties of these 100g squares.

The fact is, we simply can’t resist good quality, every day chocolate with interesting fillings. But for those of you who do think we’re a little Ritter mad, I’ll try and keep this one short!

Ritter Sport Rum Raisin HazelnutSuffice to say, we have yet another winner here. I’ve always been a fan of Rum & Raisin, but this is done really well. The aroma is almost overpowering (in a good way!) when you open the packet – but that’s not surprising, given this contains real rum!

The raisins are plump and juicy and taste like they’ve been soaked in the rum for a month, they have so much flavour. The hazelnuts add a little crunch and texture, and the chocolate – as you’d expect – is delicious.

So there you have it. Ritter Sport Rum Raisins Hazelnuts. The perfect gift for that special chocaholic/alchohic person in your life. Yum.


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  1. I told you they were awesome!

  2. Chocstress (Chocablog Staff)

    Rum, raisins and Hazelnuts??? Now you’re talking….hic 😉

  3. A friend brought me one from Germany … one that has real rum in it. There are two versions sold here in the States, depending on where you live because of our Puritan alcohol laws. Most are only rum flavored. The real rum though, whooo! That’s sassy!

  4. Petrina

    Does anyone know why the rum raisin bar has disappeared from the stores? I was so addicted to it and now it’s gone. I’ve emailed the Ritter chocolate company three times and they have yet to respond.

  5. Peter from NYC

    Is there a version of rum raisin chocolate bar with DARK chocolate?

    I don’t care about the hazelnuts, even though they’re nice.

    What I want is rum raisin with dark chocolate.

    Especially if I can buy it in NYC or by mail.

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