Galler Bouchées Pralinées

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Galler Bouchées Pralinées

More from the Galler stable, this time in the shape of a more orthodox selection of milk chocolate pralines. Inside the long, thin tin you’ll find these.

Perhaps it has something to do with the order in which I came to Galler products, but I did find it hard to get excited about these in the way that I had with the Kaori set (still a recommendation to anyone looking for a gift) and Les Elémentaires. I think I came to associate Galler with slightly unusual, exciting and vibrant flavours, none of which one would find in a praline, and that’s a little unfair on these pralines.

Galler Bouchées Pralinées

These aren’t the cheapest pralines available, but neither are they the most expensive. Put alongside Galler’s more unusual creations, this sort of thing seems a little run-of-the-mill at first, but then you remember that these are the Belgian classics, and Galler make pretty good pralines and truffles. Personally, if I was shopping for Galler chocolate I’d be headed straight for the more unusual items, but if you’re merely looking for a small, attractively presented tube of delicious, unchallenging pralines, these will do the trick admirably. Were I to have to choose between Galler’s truffles and their pralines, I’d have the truffles, but not everyone prefers silky smooth over vibrantly nutty.

‘These’ are 30% cocoa milk chocolate hazelnut pralines. They’re made with powdered full cream milk, so the chocolate really does have a milky kick to it, and the praline filling is nutty, rich and done as well as you would expect from a leading Belgian chocolate maker. The shells are quite thick, and the filling seems to start to crumble as you find it due to the amount of hazelnut in there.The chocolate is smooth, silky with a good flavour (augmented by the milk powder) and a clean finish. The nuts in the praline have a full flavour and balance perfectly with the chocolate.

As with all Galler products, these are available online at Galler’s website but I’d save up a bit and treat yourself to something a little more unusual.


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