Kinder Bueno White

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Kinder Bueno White

More white chocolate on Chocablog! What is the world coming to??

Kinder Bueno White is, as you may have guessed, the white chocolate version of the rather tasty Kinder Bueno, which we reviewed back in 2006.

There are two main differences between the original Bueno and this one:

  • It has white chocolate instead of milk.
  • It’s much, much messier…
Kinder Bueno White

As you can see, it can’t even sit still long enough to be photographed without shedding it’s skin (sorry, “cocoa decoration”) everywhere. I’m quite sure that Kinder designed this bar with good intentions, but it really is impossible to eat without getting bits of cocoa everywhere.

But those tiny granules of cocoa-flaoured stuff do give a slightly more chocolatey flavour than most white chocolate bars, as well as adding a little bit of texture (both to the chocolate, and to my desk and clothes).

Messiness aside, this bar retains all the good features of the original Bueno. The crispy wafer and smooth hazelnut filling make it deliciously creamy and light. It’s delicious. But I don’t think I’ll be buying another, simply because I don’t believe in chocolate that takes longer to clean up after than it does to eat. If you can cope with the mess, you can buy it online from Amazon (links below) and other reputable dealers of messy chocolate.


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Comments On This Post

  1. Couldn’t you just lick the table?

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    What do you take me for?? Of *course* I licked the table!

  3. Angelica

    I reckon Bueno White is as brilliant as the original one. I never found Bueno white messier though and it changed my perception of the strong vanilla flavor of any normal white chocolate.

  4. Maggie

    Just as good as the original one. And the mess? It’s no big deal. After all, who said licking the table could harm you?

  5. I absolutely LOVE the white chocolate Kinder Buenos – more than the ‘normal’ kind, I think.

    I also think its great when I tip all the chocolate granule things into my mouth at the end 😀


  6. i love kinder bueno white

  7. xxx .. jo xx

    I think that bueno white is good as bueno standard, but it is more sweet, so if you like sweet taste you will find a good product, very very good..
    Mr Ferrero is a genius

  8. CandyGirl

    I love these, who cares about the mess! It’s so so worth it! mmm yum!! XD

  9. Sze Y

    hello!thats hazel,do you read the packaging?:D

  10. Anastassia and Sarah

    We love kinder bueno white !

  11. yokekuan

    i realli love kinder bueno white!! love to the MAX!! love it love it love it love it love it!!!!!!!!!! =D

  12. Joanne

    I love Kinder White! I love Kinder Buenos too! the same yummy taste of the Bueno cream still remains in Kinder white… Kinder White is sooo yummy! Yes, the Hazelnut mess is inevitable, but at the end i just pick them from the table and pop them into my mouth! 🙂

  13. Dani

    I think the White Kinder Bueno is absolutely gorgeous and I’m currently very much hooked on them. I didn’t find them very messy at all. Some of the hazelnut bits are left in the bottom of the packet, but I enjoy eating those at the end. I would certainly recommend them to a friend. Delicious :-).

  14. joseph hasemore

    i do love kinder bueno and the new white on is the best but i was disapointed when i found a hair in my last one. i dont think ill buy any more. not satisfied

  15. dahdiva

    Absolutely looove kinder white!!! its actually one of my fav chocolates of all time and would recommend without a doubt to anyone.
    By the way, anyone knows where i can get it in the USA? I live in maryand

  16. Ricky

    Absolutely amazing, love the texture from the little cocoa bits – had my first today and it won’t be my last!

    Also wasn’t as messy as described, perhaps because I popped out each piece individually from the clear wrapper?

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