Delaviuda Chocolate Leche Truffles

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Delaviuda Chocolate Leche Truffles

You don’t come across much Spanish chocolate in the U.S., or maybe in any country, even if they are the ones credited with “discovering” chocolate. This company is named Delaviuda “Of the Widow” because after Manuel Lopez died in 1927, his widow took over their business and built up a reputation for her products. The box claims that today they are still made with “the same quality and flavor that have made them a Spanish tradition.”

Delaviuda Chocolate Leche Truffles

The dark blue box denotes an ambiguous possible quality inside. There, you find a dozen blue-wrapped truffles. Given that they’re all wrapped a little differently, I’m assuming this was done by hand. The rustically smothered light brown balls have an instantly milky, nutty aroma. Once you break into the fairly thick 34% coating, the inside turns from solid to cool liquid on your tongue like a Lindor truffle. There I was thinking that was just a Lindt thing. The hazelnut and milk tastes are still here with the chocolate, hinting at a cinnamon presence, which is actually non-existent. They’re quite smooth, but I think the grease could ease down a bit. Unless that’s just my milk bias kicking in against all the extra dairy.

That aside, I really enjoyed these. They have a definite Spanish flavor, so they might not be for everyone if that isn’t something you like, but that was part of what won them over to me. They’re sweet and homely bits of chocolate all through.


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  1. They sound a little like the Mozart chocolate balls you can get from Austria (hundreds of vendors, all claiming to be authentic). I had some as a gift a few years ago and they were fantastic.

    If only I could find something local that was similar.

    And no chance at all of finding what you’ve found here, down under.


  2. I just bought the same thing at a local market from a guy that sells all sorts of treats from a van. Can’t wait for my lunch break to give it a try!

  3. Update: I went, I tried, I conquered. The chocolate itself is quite delicious, very milky, but you’re right, the inside is kind of greasy. Not half bad, but not too special either.

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